• The drug is approved only to treat the fatigue caused by the sleep disorder narcolepsy.

    FORBES: InterMune Gets Around The FDA

  • "I have never heard of anyone using it for the treatment of a sleep disorder, " he said.

    CNN: Diprivan not approved for sleep disorders

  • Booth had submitted that he might have fallen asleep due to a sleep disorder, rather than tiredness, before the crash.

    BBC: Priyanka Bhogal

  • Ratner confirmed to CNN that Jackson suffered from a sleep disorder, but refused to address any of the other allegations.

    CNN: Jackson memorial ticket Web site flooded with hits

  • The drug is used clinically to treat the debilitating sleep disorder, narcolepsy.

    BBC: Pill to boost brain power

  • By some estimates, 70 million Americans have some sort of sleep disorder, and right now many take only the occasional over-the-counter sleep aids.

    FORBES: Sleep On Demand

  • Although, not all drugs surpassed expectations as Nuvigil, their new sleep disorder drug intended to cushion sales once blockbuster sleep drug Provigil faces generic competition, failed to achieve growth targets.

    FORBES: Don't Fall Asleep And Miss Cephalon Again

  • Booth said he might have fallen asleep due to a sleep disorder, rather than tiredness, before the crash, but changed his plea after the judge allowed him to discuss the case with his barrister.

    BBC: Priyanka Bhogal

  • Dr Adrian Williams, director of Sleep Disorder Centre at of Lane-Fox Unit, St Thomas's Hospital London said the new study is significant and could provide a better alternative to current treatments, which are mostly amphetamine based.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Brain chemical helps narcolepsy

  • The researchers, led by Dr Lawrence Serfaty, found patients with severe OSA were more insulin-resistant and were more likely to have liver damage, compared to people of the same weight who did not have the sleep disorder.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Sleep disorder liver disease link

  • The researchers said that knowing more about the risks faced by people with the sleep disorder could not only help doctors to advise their patients, but also to work in the years to come to come up with ways to protect them.

    BBC: Sleep gives brain disease warning

  • And when sleeping pills aren't enough to help patients stay alert, a wakefulness drug called Provigil is already approved for excessive daytime sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift-work sleep disorder--the exhaustion brought on in some people by working the night shift.

    FORBES: Sleep On Demand

  • Adds psychologist Susan Zafarlotfi, a sleep disorder specialist at Hackensack University Medical Center: "This study shows that CBT as compared to pharmacotherapy works much better ... pharmacotherapy is only a crutch, " while CBT aims to fix the distorted behavior and thought patterns that cause the disorder.

    FORBES: Behavioral Therapy 1, Sleeping Pills 0

  • The French scientists looked at 163 non-drinkers who had fatty livers - where fat deposits build up in the organ, potentially leading to formation of fibrous tissue and then to cirrhosis or even liver cancer - to see how many of them had the sleep disorder.

    BBC: NEWS | Health | Sleep disorder liver disease link

  • This includes treatment for 80% of the 250, 000 to 350, 000 people who suffer from fatigue due to multiple sclerosis, and perhaps 200, 000 of the 12 million patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that causes a person to stop breathing during the night, but which also causes daytime sleepiness, says Cephalon spokeswoman Sheryl Williams.

    FORBES: Cephalon Needs A Jolt

  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals said yesterday it is testing its melatonin-stimulating drug tasilmelteon in something called Non-24-Hour Sleep Wake Disorder.

    FORBES: Helping Blind Patients To Sleep

  • If your dentist suspects a significant psychological component to your teeth grinding or a sleep-related disorder, you may be referred to a therapist, counselor or sleep specialist.

    CNN: Bruxism/teeth grinding

  • One woman told CNN affiliate WQAD last year that she had a sleep-texting disorder.


  • ResMed, in San Diego, California, ranks second in the U.S. market for devices that help people suffering sleep apnea, a disorder that affects the breathing.

    FORBES: The hot ones

  • Usually thought of as an adult disorder, sleep apnea in which children frequently stop breathing or have episodes of reduced airflow during sleep afflicts between 1% and 3% of children, though many doctors believe the number is greater.

    WSJ: More Children With Sleep Problems Seek Overnight Tests

  • Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes people to stop breathing momentarily and wake up as often as hundreds of times every night, leaving a lot of unexplained fatigue, irritability and millions of hours of lost productivity at the workplace.

    FORBES: No Rest for the Weary

  • Narcolepsy is a brain disorder characterised by sleep attacks and abnormal eye movement which affects up to one in a thousand people.

    BBC: Pill to boost brain power

  • Overweight people often have sleep problems -- most notably sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that causes frequent awakenings -- but it's not clear if they're overweight because of their sleep problems, or if their sleep problems result from being overweight.

    CNN: Sleep deprivation spurs hunger

  • For starters, your doc may have you visit a sleep specialist to rule out sleep apnea, a common breathing disorder that wakes sufferers several times a night, sometimes without them even knowing it.

    CNN: When to take a sleeping pill

  • Tell-tale signs of underlying medical problems include significant changes in energy, weight, appetite or sleep, which could be due to an endocrine disorder.

    WSJ: Confusing Medical Ailments With Mental Illness

  • Poor sleeping patterns are both a symptom of bipolar disorder and can bring the illness on, so learning good sleep hygiene is especially important for young people at genetic risk for the disease.

    CNN: Can a person 'discourage' bipolar disorder?

  • The other most popular sites by number of members cover arthritis, heart disease, sleep disorders, pulmonary disease, back pain, depression, GERD and bipolar disorder.

    FORBES: Help For Diabetics Beyond The Doctor's Office

  • It is believed that sleep deprivation may harm neurological development and can contribute to behavioural problems including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    BBC: Children losing out on sleep

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