• "Some theories say that small black holes in globular clusters should sink down to the center and form a medium-sized one, but our discovery suggests this isn't true, " said Daniel Stern, an astrophysicist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.

    MSN: Existence of middleweight black holes nearly ruled out

  • He leaped over the sink and then back down onto the chair.

    NEWYORKER: Max at Sea

  • Consumers can reduce the amount of water through direct action - by applying a water-saving showerhead, shutting off the tap during teeth brushing, by not disposing of medicines, paints or other pollutants down the sink etc.


  • With other countries, notably China, finding new ways to sink ships and shoot down planes and satellites, the QDR considers a new generation of long-range weapons such as unmanned bombers launched from aircraft carriers and long-range cruise missiles fired from submarines.

    ECONOMIST: The defence budget

  • Many break down, or sink into the mud, creating road blocks.

    ECONOMIST: Lining up for a new life

  • But much of Libya's wealth disappears down more banal sink-holes.

    ECONOMIST: Libya

  • But there are several albatrosses that could slow torcetrapib down--or even sink it.


  • Dumping them in, she stirs them for a bit, turns the heat down, goes back to the sink to turn off the water, and lets the lettuce sit in the sink to drain.

    FORBES: Multitasking: Good Or Bad?

  • Bracelin figures HP's U.S. retail PC sales will sink by 7%, a drop that will drag sales growth down for HP's entire PC business.

    FORBES: Why HP Could Calm Tech Jitters

  • She leaned forward over the sink, unexpectedly dizzy, taking her weight on her arms, and staring down into the dark passage of the drain, understanding it for a few seconds as if it opened a way out of the world, or into it.

    NEWYORKER: Friendly Fire

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