• They were wrestling a heavy iron frame into a side door in the tunnel.

    NEWYORKER: Boss Rail

  • They call Esca and Simon Dean, the restaurant manager, lets them in through a side door on 43rd.

    FORBES: Food & Dining

  • He entered the building through a side door and found himself in a long hallway, off of which branched many classrooms.

    NEWYORKER: Waiting

  • Then there's another technique that I call the "side door" approach.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Boehner, grim-faced and flanked by security, marched out a side door.

    NEWYORKER: The House of Pain

  • Patrick's car careened back into David Ragan, flipping her hood over the windshield and shredding the left front fender as protective foam from the driver's side door flew onto the track.

    NPR: Edwards Ends Long Drought At Phoenix

  • He carried the dog around to the side door.

    NEWYORKER: The Yellow

  • The newspaper reported on its microblog that the fire spread rapidly, with industrial boilers exploding, and only a side door to the building was open with the rest of the exits locked.

    NPR: Fire Kills 119 At Poultry Plant In Northeast China

  • Finally, they left by a side door.

    NEWYORKER: Small Change

  • Another worker quoted by Xinhua, 39-year-old Guo Yan, said the emergency exit at her workstation could not be opened and she was knocked to the ground in the crush of workers seeking to escape through a side door.

    NPR: Fire Kills 119 At Poultry Plant In Northeast China

  • Always find a side door.

    NEWYORKER: The God of Gamblers

  • In one building, just past a small statue of the beloved Hindu elephant god Ganesha, robots pick up pieces of sheet metal and feed them into a series of 30-foot-tall stamping presses every ten seconds until the left-side door of a Tata Safari SUV is formed.

    FORBES: The Next People's Car

  • The question is whether the Supreme Court will leave open this side door around Concepcion that will allow lawyers to argue card issuers, instead of the credit destroyers they are commonly perceived to be, are actually credit repair organizations that can still be sued in class actions.

    FORBES: Patents, Profanity Top Supreme Court's Fall Docket

  • One neat trick: The right-side passenger door can hinge conventionally or backward, so people getting into the back of the car have easier access.

    FORBES: Vehicles Feature

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