• The 43-year-old fund manager is a rare species in Hong Kong's often-turbulent financial world.

    FORBES: One China, Many Choices

  • One of them, a retired union coal miner, was identified to me as if he were a rare species of bird.

    NEWYORKER: The Hardest Vote

  • Protests flared last year when some of the wetland's black-necked swans, a relatively rare species, started to die and others flew away.

    ECONOMIST: Public opinion drives a shift in environmental policy

  • An avid horticulturalist, he charmed Catherine Deneuve at a dinner party by talking with her for hours about a rare species of peony.

    NEWYORKER: Sole Mate

  • This is because an area may have many rare species, but not enough living matter to, say, prevent a coastline from being eroded.

    ECONOMIST: Land-use change

  • Dale's affinity for loud volumes was also influenced by his mountain lion, one of the 40 exotic pets he kept in an effort to preserve rare species.

    NPR: Dick Dale's Guitar Screams With Pain And Pleasure

  • As in the case of Dr Read's turtles, this is helping scientists to devise ways of protecting rare species in an efficient manner, without interfering too much with the exploitation of common ones.

    ECONOMIST: Oceanography

  • The other is that upgrading subspecies into species simultaneously increases the number of rare species (by fragmenting populations) and augments the biodiversity of a piece of habitat and thus its claim for protection.

    ECONOMIST: Species inflation

  • But the harm they do as a destroyer of habitat, by ripping up corals and sponges, and wrecking the nurseries of fish species that grow very slowly, seems out of proportion to any gain from scraping the ocean floor: one zoologist has compared it to cutting down virgin forests, full of rare species, to collect squirrels.

    ECONOMIST: Marine conservation

  • Discount-cigarette billionaire owns land in Texas, New Mexico and Florida, mostly used to propagate rare animal species, like the pygmy hippo and okapi.


  • Others remember an efficient administrator (admittedly, a rare and valuable species in Russia), always polite, but with no feel for bigger questions.

    ECONOMIST: Russia’s Putin puzzle

  • The region contains a number of lakes, mires, meadows, swamp and lake complexes with peculiar flora and fauna, including a number of rare and endangered species.


  • This may explain why truly asexual species are rare.

    ECONOMIST: The longest “headache” ever

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