• Moreover, even if they were caught and sent to the tribunal, gathering evidence to prosecute them would be difficult.

    ECONOMIST: The Rwandan genocide

  • The Bush administration often stipulates that the home countries incarcerate the detainees, prosecute them or monitor them once they are sent back.

    NPR: Future Uncertain for Former Guantanamo Detainees

  • They start with a lack of political will to prosecute them.

    ECONOMIST: Piracy

  • We must be able to track and trace cybercriminal activity, locate and arrest these bad actors, and prosecute them if we ever hope to improve cybersecurity.

    FORBES: URGENT: Businesses Must Act to Stop Congress on Cyber Legislation

  • The group maintained a four-year ceasefire and some members said they were prepared to join the Turkish political process if Turkey would agree not to prosecute them.

    NPR: The Escalating Conflict Between Turkey and Iraq

  • If he fails either to bring them in or to prosecute them, Nigerians will suspect that the chief purpose of the panel is to embarrass Mr Obasanjo's political rivals.

    ECONOMIST: Nigeria

  • EU-NAVFOR, a task force backed by the European Union to protect ships off the coast of Somalia, notes that after detaining suspected pirates, they have no authority to prosecute them.

    FORBES: Pirates Selling Shares As Piracy Hits All Time High

  • It is hard for Microsoft to uncover cases of corporate piracy, much less to prosecute them, but the firm is hoping that a few well-publicised fines will get the message across.

    ECONOMIST: The politics of piracy

  • But I think the experiences that we've had are the ones that was just mentioned, where you take the leadership of these enterprises and prosecute them, convict them, and put them away.

    NPR: Pick 'Em Up, Lock 'Em Up: Getting Tough On Gangs

  • They won in the lower courts, but today the Supreme Court, by a 6-to-3 vote, ruled that the federal government was within its rights to prosecute them and other medical marijuana users.

    NPR: High Court Allows Prosecution of Medical Marijuana Use

  • And it is our intention to be able to respond to the administration's request for the tools to not only fight the terrorists but also to prosecute them when the case warrants it.

    NPR: Congress, White House Clash over Prosecutions

  • Diplomatic leadership that called on countries to root out the cybercriminals within their shores and prosecute them, to cooperate in investigations, and to help create a global code of conduct in responding to cyber attacks would be a fine first step.

    FORBES: Cyber Attacks on Press Reveal Gap in US Diplomacy

  • They would only be subject to the ICC's jurisdiction if they had committed widespread and systematic war crimes or crimes against civilians—random shootings are too ordinary for the ICC—and if their country refused to prosecute them, or staged a sham trial to exonerate them.

    ECONOMIST: Tipping the scales of justice | The

  • If they just got on with it then, apart from the money it would save the authorities not having to prosecute them, the goodwill (my middle name by the way) it would generate would go a long way to restoring trust in the financial system.

    FORBES: Clawing Back Wall Street Pay

  • And I think that when it comes to our men and women in uniform who might be carrying out these missions, the instructions are not going to be based on whether or not the lawyers can sort out how we detain them or how we prosecute them.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama News Conference

  • By collaborating with Kamm first by publishing her stolen documents and hiring her as a reporter, and finally by covering up her crimes while suborning Blau's perjury, Haaretz has demonstrated that leftist traitors have a powerful sponsor capable of exacting painful revenge on the State of Israel for daring to prosecute them.


  • So what I have said is the military commission system that we set up -- where appropriate for certain individuals that would make -- it would be difficult to try in Article III courts for a range of reasons -- we can reform that system so that it meets the highest standards of due process and prosecute them there.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama News Conference

  • Senator JON KYL (Republican, Arizona): Information from captured terrorists, we have found to be extraordinarily useful in not only finding out things about these terrorists so that we can find them and disrupt their activities but also to be able to prosecute cases against them.

    NPR: Congress, White House Clash over Prosecutions

  • The millions spent on legal fees to prosecute and defend them has been spent.

    FORBES: Lessons From A Beaten Man

  • The ease with which illegal aliens can find jobs, and the negligible efforts the state makes to prosecute those who hire them, make a mockery of the law.

    ECONOMIST: Immigration

  • Since the gang rape, though, sexual violence has become front-page news nearly every day across the country, with demands that the government do more to protect women and prosecute those that attack them.

    NPR: Judge Sends India Rape Case To Fast-Track Court

  • They do track Islamic leaders, and in general prosecute jihadists when they can build cases against them.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The war America fights

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