• Once the proletariat was introduced to swimming pools and steaks, there was no looking back.

    FORBES: Digital Rules: Election '98 -- A Long View

  • Instead, the proletariat shouldered arms for their respective countries to slaughter each other.

    FORBES: Deconstructing President Obama's Strange Stance On Israel

  • For all its Marxist pretensions, the party is still more interested in business than in the grievances of the proletariat.

    ECONOMIST: China's unions

  • But our constitutional republic affords him little leeway to nationalize the means of production, save pilfering Chrysler for the proletariat.

    FORBES: Is America Still A Center-Right Nation? Voting Patterns Say It Isn't

  • The "officers" in his terrorist militia are educated Muslims, not lumpen proletariat.

    FORBES: Why the Middle East doesn't work

  • Government housing finance groups and Mexican commercial banks have begun offering mortgages in recent years, enabling more of the proletariat to own homes.

    FORBES: Stepping South Of The Border

  • However, the love affair between a party that calls itself the vanguard of the proletariat and its actual, middle-class supporters is now under threat.

    ECONOMIST: China's future

  • The bill to ban foxhunting has (at least in the eyes of the Labour left-wingers who promoted it) set the urban proletariat against the rural landlords.

    ECONOMIST: British society

  • Still, the final result—no stonings or amputation of hands but no booze either—should be just about acceptable to the religious proletariat of village clerics like him who dictate and reflect the views of most Afghans.

    ECONOMIST: The face of the new Afghanistan starts to take shape

  • Or, would you, like them, support moving toward a 21st Century gold standard that protects the security and confidence of the bourgeoisie, not less than the proletariat, and reduces the power an unjust deserts of the profiteers?

    FORBES: Virginia House Sets The Stage For Bipartisan Monetary Reform

  • Though his dialogue, spoken with the charming hesitation of inexperienced improvisers, conveys the tensions of the postcollegiate proletariat caught between big dreams and petty realities, Swanberg most faithfully captures the sound of artistic creativity today in bursts of tapping on laptop keyboards.

    NEWYORKER: Hannah Takes the Stairs

  • Tall and handsome, Engels had a taste not just for ideas but for the good life—wine, women, riding with the Cheshire hunt—and seems to have felt little sense of irony that all these things were paid for by the proletariat's back-breaking labour.

    ECONOMIST: A biography of Friedrich Engels: A very special business angel | The

  • Thus primitive communism is the Garden of Eden, the emergence of private property and the class system is the fall, the final gasps of capitalism are the last days, the proletariat are the chosen people and the socialist revolution is the second coming and the New Jerusalem.

    ECONOMIST: Why do end-of-time beliefs endure?

  • Lots of future enthusiasm and some interesting shout-outs to Marx (the means of production are in the hands of the creative proletariat), calls to kill off bureaucracy, and optimism that the way we think about leaders, bosses, governments and centralized, top-heavy organizations more broadly is changing for the better.

    FORBES: Techonomy: Can Tech Optimism Go Too Far?

  • Prokhorov introduced the car to the world last month he's now letting members of the proletariat see the car for themselves at the Yo-mobile Hybrid Pavilion, where three models of the car are being shown to the public: the microcar (wee hatchback on the right above), a coupe, and even a minitruck.

    ENGADGET: Yo-mobile hybrid cars on display in Russia, run on gas, natural gas, and GLONASS

  • With brilliant paradoxes born of suave associations of images and a probing, whimsical voice-over, Marker brings together seemingly disparate facts and ideas in surprising, provocative ways (his take on the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, in August of 1968, alone is worth the price of admission), even if his ultimate dream of a dictatorship of the proletariat remains, thankfully, nothing more than his self-abnegating fantasy.

    NEWYORKER: A Grin Without a Cat

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