• Mandatory continuing professional education (CPE) in tax is not the same as generalized training in accounting or law.

    FORBES: Who's preparing your tax return?

  • What GA has done is to create a truly flexible, responsive—and affordable—professional education platform that supports all aspects of tech startups.

    FORBES: General Assembly: Learn To Talk Like A Mobile App Genius In Just One Hour (Or Less)

  • Educational and professional publishers have long seen the value of the subscription model for professional education (see: Safari Books Online, for one).

    FORBES: Are Ebooks Really Books?

  • And the prospects are worse clergy than for other forms of professional education, because there is no legal seminary requirement which stifles professional competition.

    FORBES: The Seminary Bubble

  • Of these three, only Enrolled Agents have been subject to the direct oversight of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility as to their return preparation practice, testing and mandatory Continuing Professional Education (CPE).

    FORBES: Who's preparing your tax return?

  • One reason why it is hard to design and teach such courses is that they cut across the insistence by top American universities that liberal-arts education and professional education should be kept separate, taught in different schools.

    ECONOMIST: The difficulties of an American doctoral student

  • The Web site for the Mississippi State Board of Accountancy lists him as having failed to register his continuing professional education credits, his phone number is unlisted and efforts to reach him or his Washington lawyer David Schertler were unsuccessful.

    FORBES: WorldCom And The Mystery Of Buford Yates

  • About 400 educational professionals and experts from 6 European and Asian countries and 40 Russian regions participated in the Forum and discussed issues of modernisation of professional education for sustainable development, interaction between employers and educational institutions, innovative approaches and ICT in education including inclusive education.

    UNESCO: Educational Forum “ALTAY-ASIA 2012”: Outcomes

  • She will participate in the Second Russian Congress of UNESCO Chairs at the Russian Academy of Civil Service, where she will sign the creation of a UNESCO Chair in Modern Innovation and Information Technologies in Higher Professional Education, with the rector of the State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance.

    UNESCO: Director-General opens the World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education in Moscow | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • The goal of professional management education is not merely to confer on its students an advanced degree and the prospects of a better job--as valuable as those things are.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • According to Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that right includes free and compulsory elementary education, and access to technical, professional, and higher education.

    FORBES: Bill Gates

  • Because of the integrated nature of oil and gas prices on the economy, as much as 38% of the job losses felt by new energy sector taxes would affect seemingly unrelated professional fields like education, administration, health care, real estate and the arts.

    FORBES: U.S. Oil Drillers Prepare For Punch In The Gut From Obama

  • Presentations will focus on themes directed towards education and training for tackling cultural and ethnic-racial diversity as African-Brazilian and Indigenous Culture and History become mandatory classes in Brazil, establishing that schools, teachers and other education professional as well as pedagogic resources must be overseen and questioned regarding the re-dimensioning and reorientation of studies on the formation of Brazilian society.

    UNESCO: International Seminar discusses Education on Ethnic-racial Relations | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Online courses are available from basic school education to professional level courses from the IITs in various areas.

    FORBES: From Vedas To Cloud: The Transformation Of Education In India

  • Several recommendations emerged from the sessions, with several bordering on the need to rethink teacher education and professional development.

    UNESCO: Education

  • Through continuing education, professional training, research, publications, standards, and government outreach programs, ASME addresses the needs of its diverse membership.

    UNESCO: Indigenous Peoples

  • Do the web-based professional networks of general education teachers as well as specialized social networks for learners exist in the country?


  • Food prices rose by nearly 1 percent and the service industry, from education to professional services, is up 7.88 percent year over year.

    FORBES: Weak Economy Pushes Brazil To Protectionism

  • He views his mistakes as a necessary education in professional development.

    FORBES: Bad Boys Die Early, Curmudgeons Get to Age

  • The workshops, developed collaboratively by UNESCO, Secretariat of the Pacific Board for Educational Assessment (SPBEA) and UNICEF, cover many aspects of teacher education and professional development programmes.


  • Strong technical and professional experience in higher education, teacher training, teacher-related education policies, trends and development, preferably within the Latin America and the Caribbean context, would be an advantage.

    UNESCO: Criteria & Requirements

  • Perks that are commonly negotiated include vacation days, telecommuting, gym memberships, dry cleaning costs, child care, transportation expenses, professional society dues, education expense reimbursements, parking spots, projects, staff, and flextime.

    FORBES: If You Can't Get More Money, Get More Perks

  • Whether it is to teach a career development curriculum or to conduct courses infused with career education the professional development of teachers should give them a basic framework for career planning and how to connect activities in the classroom to the events unfolding in the labour market.


  • The launching ceremony of the GMR was held in Islamabad and attended by the Minister of State for Education, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Trainings, Representative and Director UNESCO Islamabad, Director Programs Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, and other representatives and officials of the Government of Pakistan, civil society organizations, United Nations, academia and media.


  • Interestingly, most of these jobs are high-level professional jobs requiring a major education and time commitment.

    FORBES: The Best Jobs For Women In 2013

  • Ms. Lim has worked extensively in the field of education and provided professional consultancy to many institutions and organizations, including UNESCO.


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