• Instead, in a classic prevarication, they decided to adjust the mechanisms—once applicants come close to joining.

    ECONOMIST: Cheer up, Europe

  • The problem lies not just in Mr Obama's long prevarication but in his presentation of the outcome.

    ECONOMIST: The surge in Afghanistan

  • After much prevarication, the vast Shtokman gas field in the Barents Sea will supposedly be developed soon.

    ECONOMIST: Russian gas and Europe

  • At fifteen she decided that the unprovable did not exist, and told her scripture teacher so without prevarication.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Gertrude Bell'

  • An obsession with the ways in which the history of Niagara Falls is a history of falsification, prevarication and omission.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Inventing Niagara'

  • After an especially long bout of prevarication, it said last week that the voucher review would report in September—just in time for this year's conference.

    ECONOMIST: Time for some honesty on asylum

  • It is late, thanks to prevarication by committees of industry bigwigs.

    ECONOMIST: Internet music

  • After months of prevarication, the government meekly gave in a fortnight ago to a demand that the new machine-readable Pakistani passport should note a person's religious status.

    ECONOMIST: Dark days for tolerance and kites

  • But unless he provides a comprehensive list of illicit-arms activities, he will provoke the very military action he has been keen to avoid through years of prevarication.

    ECONOMIST: Saddam says yes | The

  • Second, in light of the past history of prevarication, lies and harassment that the inspectors faced, America wants them in future to be under stronger international protection.

    ECONOMIST: Coalition-building | The

  • They fear that the same sort of divisions among western governments that put off decisive action in Bosnia's war for so long will lead to similar prevarication in Kosovo.

    ECONOMIST: Kosovo

  • It is surely no coincidence that after months of prevarication the Poles agreed immediately after Russia invaded Georgia to let America base missile defences (ostensibly against a future threat from Iran) on Polish territory.

    ECONOMIST: NATO and the invasion of Georgia

  • Some people might call that prevarication, not leadership.

    FORBES: The Fiscal Cliff: Look Who's Leading Now

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