• At the other end of the power spectrum, there's the community organizer, who can't tell people exactly what to do, and so inspires volunteers.


  • It begins with a history of the science and the growing realisation that the information-bearing power of the electromagnetic spectrum—the range of frequencies and wavelengths available to carry signals—is without practical limit.

    ECONOMIST: Praise the baud | The

  • It incorporates a 13.1-inch (diagonal) high-resolution LED backlight screen, delivering a bright picture with 100 percent color saturation (select models) while conserving power and providing a wide spectrum of true-to-life colors.

    ENGADGET: Sony bumps out Vaio Z, F, W and Y series laptops

  • In Northern Ireland, former enemies on opposite sides of the political spectrum launched a new power-sharing government.

    NPR: N. Ireland's Power-Sharing Brings New Hope

  • Over the past several months, Sprint, which is in the process of being acquired by Japanese-controlled wireless carrier Softbank, has petitioned the FCC to drastically reduce the power levels of DISH's spectrum to further Sprint's desire to acquire the neighboring H Block spectrum, which today is essentially a vacant lot with no current licensees or users.

    ENGADGET: Dish's AWS-4 wireless spectrum standards approved by 3GPP

  • But it uses a lot of battery power, and the 2.4 GHz spectrum is also widely in use by devices like Wi-Fi networks--and cordless phones and microwave ovens can cause interference in that range.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It originally aimed to allow the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to allocate the cost of transmission lines across a wide spectrum of ratepayers and gave FERC more power to push projects through.

    FORBES: Utility Vs. Utility: Grid Battle Threatens Wind Development

  • Broadcom and Atheros say that making the interface information public would be illegal, because it could allow users to change the parameters of a chip in ways that violate the rules for using unlicensed spectrum (for example, by increasing its power or changing its operating frequency).

    ECONOMIST: Wireless broadband

  • In its briefing, the DOJ made its case that the nation's two largest carriers currently hold market power, which is due to the heavy concentration of lower frequency spectrum (below 1, 000MHz) allocated to the two incumbents.


  • Main.net uses a related technology called direct sequence spread spectrum, or DSSS, to send its signals down the power line.

    FORBES: Technology

  • Finally, an opening of the system, to include a power-sharing agreement between Musharraf and Bhutto, will only placate one spectrum of the opposition.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Dictatorships and Double Standards

  • The Zumwalt has the power, cooling, space and weight margin designed to meet the full spectrum of future threats, both known and unknown.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Countering Beijing's new weapon

  • Still, any success with the measures could head off spectrum crunches while simultaneously preventing any solutions from consolidating too much power and creating their own problems.

    ENGADGET: FCC votes in favor of rethinking spectrum holding rules, goading broadcasters into wireless selloffs

  • At the other end of the spectrum is the idea of long-range transmission of wireless power, which could in principle do away with the need for a charging pad altogether.

    ECONOMIST: Wireless charging

  • Now, however, thanks to the dramatic decline in the cost of computer power, wireless devices are far cleverer, meaning that they can use spectrum more efficiently and are more tolerant of interference.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • ZigBee is a protocol that works on the 802.15.4 spectrum (WiFi is also known as 802.11 for its slice of spectrum.) As a short-range, low-power protocol, ZigBee is suited for two-way communications among small devices, and can be used to build self-organizing networks of devices.

    FORBES: The Wireless Boom That Won't Need Us

  • In sum, the more unbounded social-engineering power the Congress gives the FCC, the less value and utility this highly valuable spectrum will have to users, taxpayers and the economy writ large.

    FORBES: FCC Seeks Unbounded Spectrum Auction Authority

  • At the other end of the spectrum: Peter Cartwright of Calpine, a firm that develops and runs gas-fired power plants.

    FORBES: The Best and Worst Bosses

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