• The systems at Regal and Landmark include passwords and keys that restrict a particular film to play at a particular theater (and on a particular projector) at a predetermined time.

    CNN: Film to digital: Seeing movies in a new light

  • In other words, new threats are being developed using very sophisticated peer-to-peer programming tools that are targeting not just a certain class of customer or data, but a particular individual (say, a four-star general at the Pentagon) or a specific piece of data (such as the communication algorithms of a particular weapons system).

    FORBES: Connect

  • The advertiser has two variableto contend with(1) the sheer number of eyeballs or ears that a particular advertising strategy will reach, and (2) within a set, the number of eyeballs and ears actually interested in the product being advertised.

    FORBES: The Economics Of Online Privacy

  • The calendar means simply picking a particular day (or days) to rebalance during a year and doing it on that day, regardless of current events or the market status.

    FORBES: Choices in Portfolio Rebalancing

  • In the late 1980s, researchers at the University of Parma in Italy found that the brain cells of macaque monkey fired in the same way whether they were making a particular motion (like reaching for a peanut) or watching another monkey or human make that movement.

    FORBES: The Art and Science of Mirroring

  • The film, a French-Senegalese co-production, is one of 20 films selected for the "Un Certain Regard" (A Particular Outlook) section of the festival, designated for original and innovative movies seeking international recognition.

    CNN: 'La Pirogue' takes La Croisette: African cinema at Cannes

  • The specific entity within the Executive Branch that classifies a particular type of information or a particular program is called the Original Classifying Authority (OCA).

    FORBES: Alleged White House Leaks

  • Those who visit a particular place (such as a restaurant or a pub) are given badges.

    ECONOMIST: What video-game technology can do in the real world

  • But the singers all handled themselves well, although none were forced to sing more than one or two numbers in a row (so not a particular test of live ability).

    BBC: Glossy debut for Pop Idol stars

  • So it is fair to assume that Sanger's reporting was hardly dependent on a particular Obama administration official (or officials) but rather, as all good reporters do, Sanger put together a myriad of sources to arrive at the composite picture of Olympic Games that he paints for his readers.

    CNN: Obama leak 'scandal' is wildly overblown

  • If we can move a particular piece of medical care (or education, entertainment) from being a service to being a manufacture then we have moved it from the cost disease side of the problem over to where it benefits from the continually improving productivity of manufacturing.

    FORBES: Why Health Care Will Just Keep Getting More Expensive

  • Folz says that he sees "perhaps better immediate opportunities" in Latin America (Argentina and Brazil in particular), Eastern Europe (Poland and Turkey) and China, where Peugeot has a joint venture with Dong Feng Motors (an auto assembly plant that can turn out 150, 000 vehicles a year plus an engine and gearbox factory).

    FORBES: Businessman of the Year

  • In business, in particular (I work in a business school) we are big on demanding innovation.

    FORBES: How To Innovate - Without A Miracle

  • And the answer has to be that it very definitely is, albeit of a particular (and particularly British) sort.

    ECONOMIST: A controversial new play

  • At first glance, it might seem obvious that it was through the action of flowing water (fluvial), but the Curiosity team needs to rule out the possibility that these rocks were deposited by the wind (aeolian) or by some kind of surge, such as the fast-moving clouds of gas and rock that will often plummet down the sides of particular types of volcano (a pyroclastic surge).

    BBC: Curiosity Mars rover to investigate classic rock type

  • The malicious software "agent.btz, " though aptly-named for a narrative about international espionage, is likely one of many flavors of a particular category of malware that automatically (and silently) executes when removable media is inserted into a Windows machine.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That means people can get 4G service from a site (or sites) weeks or even months before a particular market officially launches.

    FORBES: Why You May (Unofficially) Be Seeing Sprint 4G In Your City

  • If it is possible to attach a particular genre of music to a specific decade, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) appears to be the current front-runner for the 2010-2020 time-span.

    FORBES: Ultra Music Festival: Smashing Records And Global Expansion

  • In a conversation with a fund manager I explained how many semiconductors (memory chips in particular) are capital-intensive commodities with a 2-year lag from the time a major capital investment is made to when it reaches full production capacity.

    FORBES: Why Semiconductors are Like Airlines & Shipping

  • Advice covers everything from patents and copyrights to the pros and cons of buying a franchise, but a particular emphasis on downloadable tools (think business plan outlines and contracts) makes this a must-visit.

    FORBES: Top 100 Websites For Women 2012

  • In his book, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell talks about an art expert who instinctively was able to determine that something was wrong with a particular statue (and its provenance) simply by looking at it, despite the evidence that it was authentic.

    FORBES: Working In The Flow Challenges Our Collaborative and Leadership Skills

  • My own information tends to confirm a particular bent by Xi (who overall is viewed by the West as a reformer) to lay down markers with Tokyo.

    FORBES: First Priority for Japan's Abe Isn't Economic

  • So if we see the positrons coming from a particular direction, it means astrophysics like a pulsar (a type of neutron star) is responsible for the signal, not dark matter.

    BBC: Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to release first results

  • The strong currency has helped to boost purchasing power, especially that of poorer Brazilians for whom lower food prices are a particular boon (as is a government anti-poverty programme that reaches 11m families).

    ECONOMIST: Brazil: Lazy, hazy days for lucky Lula | The

  • Based in San Francisco, closely held Strava is also used by runners, who can win a CR course record for posting the fastest time on a particular segment. (About half of Strava runners are women.) The site charges a fee for premium services such as analysis of heart-rate data.

    WSJ: The Last Place Lance Armstrong Can Race

  • Aflatoxin is a poison that is usually found in foods (especially peanuts) that have been contaminated by a particular fungus.

    ECONOMIST: A sick inventory

  • That puts DSL providers at a particular disadvantage, a Sprint (nyse: FON - news - people ) executive testified, because state and local telecom taxes are so high--an average of 13.9% of bills across the U.S., compared to an average 6% sales tax on other goods and services.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It clearly shows that emerging market leaders (India, China in particular) have a very strong focus and skillset on operational execution.

    FORBES: How Does Leadership Vary Across the Globe?

  • Like everyone else, the Finance organizations (and CFOs in particular) have undergone a terrific evolution thanks in large part to progress in technology.

    FORBES: MicrosoftDynamicsVoice: How Technology Helps CFOs Move Beyond Collecting Data To Analysis

  • People can argue over the respective virtues of making across-the-board cuts or targeting particular departments (they usually do a bit of both), but managerially speaking it is not a tough ask.

    ECONOMIST: The gods that have failed��so far

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