• Women then undertake the work of paper cutting and binding, until the printed genealogies are finished.


  • He took the then mordant Daily Mail to new heights and it was his vision that gave the paper its cutting edge and predominant place in the market.

    BBC: By BBC News online's Nick Assinder

  • It says the way to reduce paper use lies in cutting consumption in industrialised countries, improving papermaking efficiency, and using more recycled paper and materials other than wood in manufacture.

    BBC: Half paper waste 'could be saved'

  • Nowadays almost everyone agrees that the software offers major benefits, including cutting down on paper, reducing expensive staff and overhead, and improving clinical care and research.

    FORBES: North Shore's Ambitious Bet On Electronic Medical Records--A Postscript

  • When pitching stores, hotels and restaurants, their demonstration often includes cutting open a paper tea bag, containing only broken leaves and tea dust, from a mass-market brand.

    FORBES: Tea Party

  • Rubs his eyes to shake the dust of these musings, not a dream exactly, this late-sleep panic fine glass thin as paper, shattered and swirling, cutting as it blows away.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Citizen Vince'

  • In New York, at the 20 media magazines that include Variety, Tad S. Smith, the unit's president, cut head count 16%, saved printing costs by slightly trimming the paper size and tightened circulation by cutting out unnecessary freebies to advertisers and his colleagues at Reed.

    FORBES: Double Dutch No Longer

  • They dusted off a 1953 medical paper that linked a risky surgical procedure cutting into the abdomen to strip renal nerves to lower blood pressure.

    WSJ: Controlling High Blood Pressure, Through the Kidney

  • In October, the government put a ceiling on the total value of bonds and commercial paper which the top five chaebol could issue, thus cutting off Daewoo's access to capital and eventually precipitating its near-bankruptcy.

    ECONOMIST: South Korea

  • Cutting down on the burden of moving mountains of paper bills and heavy coins could conceivably save a bundle in cost-sensitive businesses like gas and fast food.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Last time I checked, even cutting and pasting in the grown up world used computers, not glue and paper.

    FORBES: How to Turn American Women Entrepreneurs Into Power Brokers

  • Tory peer Lord Bruce-Lockhart, who chairs the Local Government Association, said the White Paper was "encouraging" and took "significant steps on local leadership, deregulation and cutting red tape".

    BBC: A binman emptying rubbish into a dustcart

  • Using standard 4x6 photo paper, pictures automatically print as side-by-side images with dotted lines for optimal cutting and sizing to fit into the included 3D cardboard viewers.

    ENGADGET: DXG 3D camera costs 70 bucks, or just three easy payments of $23.99

  • Young writers know that blogs are cutting-edge but want to see their pieces, nonetheless, in real ink on real paper in real books, newspapers or magazines.

    WSJ: David Gelernter: The Pros and Cons of Cyber-English

  • The paper presents findings from the national NHS staff survey indicating low morale at many trusts, and concludes that cutting pay or jobs "would put even more pressure on an already weakened workforce".

    BBC: Nurses leaders warn regional pay plan would harm care

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