• The original state then loses all the tax revenue from these fleeing high wealth taxpayers.

    FORBES: The Anachronism Of State Income Taxes

  • Then, if hit with blue light, it resets itself into its original state.

    ECONOMIST: Bacterial protein can be used in computers

  • Even if the user unintentionally tilts the phone, the screen orientation can be returned to its original state by simply shaking the handset two or more times.

    ENGADGET: blogger-avatar

  • When combined with the original state-owned firms that Indonesia still promises to privatise, these assets offer the government a golden opportunity to reshape the economy.

    ECONOMIST: Nationalising Indonesia

  • This does not prevent the image from being edited with software such as Photoshop, but it will tell authorised users whether the image is in its original state or has been retouched.


  • This time, on a warm Saturday morning, it was being loaded on--for delivery to a farm in Missouri, where an old acquaintance will spend the next year or so restoring it to its original state.

    FORBES: The Coupe Coup

  • The man who restored the ruined gardens of Moseley Old Hall in Staffordshire (soil neutral, altitude 250ft, annual rainfall 27in) to their original state in the 17th century, when Charles II knew the place, did not seem the sort of expert you would ask about growing potatoes.

    ECONOMIST: Graham Stuart Thomas, gardener, died on April 17th, aged 94

  • To commemorate the 20th anniversary of this event CERN has recreated the first ever website, complete with its original URL. The preservation doesn't stop at copying over some old files, either, with CERN also looking to preserve the first servers used, restoring as much as possible to its original state.

    ENGADGET: CERN celebrates 20 years of a free, open web by restoring world's first website

  • So I want to congratulate Coach Ken -- as I said, from my original home state, also the first Samoan American head coach in the history of Division I-A, just the third Navy coach since World War II to have a winning record in his first season.

    WHITEHOUSE: The Commander in Chief Trophy

  • Technically, what Indiana is passing is a Craig Dickinson Act, named after the late homeschooling activist in Florida who wrote the original legislation that state enacted in 1998.

    FORBES: Tim Tebow: A better quarterback than a law

  • The bill's original sponsor is Republican State Representative Dan Lederman who says the bill will affect nine million dollars of stocks owned by the state pension fund.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A lesson from South Dakota

  • Some banks would still not have enough capital, but under Mr Paulson's original plan, the state could put equity in them, or, if they become insolvent, take them over and run them down.

    ECONOMIST: America's bail-out plan

  • In a syndicated column published this week, Novak excoriates Armitage - the source the veteran journalist had protected so assiduously - both for not coming forward before now and for being "deceptive" about the nature of the then-Deputy Secretary of State's original leak.


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