• Then, in the Ocean Park series, he made a decisive return to total abstraction, in the process creating the most original works of his career.

    WSJ: The Seductive Lure of Abstraction | Sightings by Terry Teachout

  • The percentage is set to rise again this year, with Beijing having recently increased by 30% the number of tour groups that can head for Hong Kong and indulge in its gold jewelry shops and Ocean Park attractions.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | Travel Watch

  • Easily accessible by subway, the 7, 500-seat MCU Park overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and Coney Island amusement park.

    BBC: Baseball with a view in NYC

  • All of the Sunset district, both Inner and Outer, remains popular (and counter intuitively foggy) with its proximity to Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach and with a mix of commercial and residential streets.

    BBC: Living in: San Francisco

  • Ocean Grove: Perched just to the south of Asbury Park, this smaller enclave has a totally different vibe especially on its non-commercial boardwalk, anchored by an open-air pavilion (the site of concerts, Methodist worship services and a recent church v. gay-rights tussle over whether the spot could be used for same-sex weddings) and often hosting special events, from art shows to flea markets.

    FORBES: Jersey Shore: Top 5 Snooki-Free Boardwalks

  • We took a detour to Shark Bay World Heritage Park, on a massive peninsula jutting into the Indian Ocean.

    FORBES: Where the Outback Meets the Sea

  • The top-down view of the canyon looks like something from the set of Jurassic Park, with cliffs that jut out into the Pacific Ocean.

    BBC: Kauai��s hidden adventures

  • Surfers brave walls of water on blustery Ocean Beach, runners try to keep pace with the stampeding bison in Golden Gate Park and dim sum gluttons attempt just one more round of dumplings in the Richmond or Sunset.

    BBC: San Francisco's blissful Golden Gate Park

  • "Whether you're talking about wanting to go to the ocean or the mountains, those are kinds of activities that can be done in a state park at a relatively low cost, " he said.

    CNN: In a slump, camping comes into vogue

  • Chole is part of the largest marine park in east Africa, and snorkelling here takes in some of the finest coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

    BBC: Five over-the-top treehouse hotels

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