• The present Indian government, too, is more disposed than its predecessors to normalise relations.

    ECONOMIST: India and Pakistan: Fresh start? | The

  • But dealer spreads are sure to shrink as markets normalise and those that have retreated return to the fray.

    ECONOMIST: American finance

  • India wants Pakistan similarly to put their dispute over Kashmir on the back-burner and normalise relations in other areas.

    ECONOMIST: Asian security

  • This week Congress approved a bill to normalise trade relations with Vietnam.

    ECONOMIST: A feline-piscine trade fight

  • He had been trying to coax life back into the once successful but now stagnant diplomatic effort to normalise relations between the two countries.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan

  • Mr Santos is hardly a dove, but he argues that the only way to get Venezuela's help against the FARC is to normalise relations.

    ECONOMIST: Colombia's presidential transition

  • If North Korea is genuinely opening up, then it will have to normalise relations with America, not least to secure financial aid from international organisations.

    ECONOMIST: North Korea’s magic mushrooms

  • But as the stock of foreclosed properties shrinks, prices will normalise.

    ECONOMIST: The housing market

  • This week, 28 years after Richard Nixon shocked the world by opening relations with China, America has finally moved to normalise trade with the Asian giant.

    ECONOMIST: Enter the dragon

  • Some see its strong performance as a sign of growing anger among northern Tamils at the government's failure to normalise their lives after 30 years of conflict.

    ECONOMIST: Elections reveal a country still divided

  • On March 28th senior officials from India and Pakistan are due to start what they hope will be a series of talks that could eventually normalise relations.

    ECONOMIST: Breaking the ice

  • Finally, Japan's prime minister, Junichiro Koizumi, reconfirmed the government's resolution to normalise the problem of non-performing loans by the end of the 2004 fiscal year at the latest.

    ECONOMIST: Letters | The

  • At the Arab League's recent summit in Baghdad, its earlier initiative to normalise relations with Israel if it accepted a Palestinian state on 1967 borders was reiterated yet again.

    ECONOMIST: The Palestinians

  • It has said that North Korea's nuclear programme will be a main priority in Japan's efforts to normalise relations with North Korea following an historic visit in September to the country's capital, Pyongyang, by Junichiro Koizumi, the Japanese prime minister.

    ECONOMIST: Old allies turn on North Korea

  • Mr Abbas cannot build popular support for his peace strategy, rein in Hamas and other militant groups, and end acts of violence against Israelis, if Israel does not concurrently freeze all settlement activity and take immediate steps to normalise Palestinian life.

    ECONOMIST: Accurate accounts

  • Rather than highlighting the inherent contradiction to American voters between applying pressure on Iran and maintaining cheap prices at the pumps, Obama has cleverly used the G8 to normalise the strategic reserve as rational (and indeed logical) option to use whenever he wants to cool benhmark prices.

    FORBES: IEA Is Dead: Long Live The IEA

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