• Satisfied that Microcyn was effective and nontoxic, the institute tested the solution on patients with diabetic foot ulcers.

    FORBES: Holy Water

  • They welcomed, however, the assistance of liberal activists in their campaign for a safe, nontoxic environment.

    CNN: When helping Earth was women's work

  • According to Joan Clayburgh of Californians for Pesticide Reform, nontoxic pest-control options are often overlooked.

    CNN: Children face danger in the schoolyard grass from pesticides

  • He showed in 2002 that feeding hamsters nontoxic bacteria was 90% effective at holding off the bad C. difficile strains.

    FORBES: Germ Warfare

  • ViroPharma's idea is to give large doses of the nontoxic version to crowd out its deadly cousins.

    FORBES: Our Germs, Ourselves

  • Although the fumes are considered nontoxic for inhalation, we try to keep the odor out of the cabin regardless.

    CNN: Airplane deicing: The how and why

  • But ViroPharma, a small Pennsylvania company, is developing a nontoxic strain of Clostridium difficile to help treat hospital infections.

    FORBES: Our Germs, Ourselves

  • So she founded The Honest Company which offers monthly deliveries of nontoxic diapers and cleaning products to busy moms.

    FORBES: The New Celebrity Perk: Investing In and Launching Startup Companies

  • Yet there's more here than meets the ear -- casual tenderness, nontoxic sadness and unlikely romance, all couched in jaunty humor.

    WSJ: Performance Lifts 'Same Moon'

  • Enter Aquion Energy, a new battery company that uses nontoxic aqueous hybrid ion (AHI) chemistry to produce large-scale battery storage for renewable energy.

    FORBES: 4 Cool Tech Ideas Helping the Planet

  • They hoped to design a new type of nontoxic therapy that could halt the growth of cancer, rendering it a chronic disease like diabetes.

    FORBES: Cover Story

  • In a nifty piece of atomic surgery, Howard removed the skeleton and replaced it with a novel nontoxic structure, while retaining the two crucial good ends.

    FORBES: A Quick Lift for the Blues

  • But there are less toxic and nontoxic ways of controlling bugs, from borax (a poison) to essential oils, select plants, and ways to make common insects feel less welcome in your cupboard.

    CNN: The dirty dozen: 12 products you should avoid

  • Eclipse, which is meant to be sprayed on apples, cherries and other fruit four to ten times a season, is made with microcrystalline calcium carbonate--the nontoxic white powder that's on the outside of chewing gum.

    FORBES: The Ozone Solution

  • Take a look at the geniuses behind Aquion Energy, a startup that invented a special kind of nontoxic battery that acts as a energy storage solution for products that rely on sunlight to produce energy.

    FORBES: Green Living In America's "Steel City"

  • Other resource-efficient projects like New York's 4 Times Square office building, Atlanta's EarthCraft House and Village Habitat Design's cohousing conservation communities include such innovations as energy-efficient insulation, water and air filtration, or hydronic heating, aiming for healthy, nontoxic construction processes and buildings for humans and the environment.

    CNN: Developer advocates 'spiritual' approach to building

  • Like other iron minerals, green rust readily absorbs dissolved elements onto its surface, but green rust is not only particularly efficient at this in many cases, it can also react with toxic dissolved trace metals to make them insoluble, and as a result, renders them in nontoxic forms.

    MSN: What green rust did long ago to the big blue ocean

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