• Darwin himself was deeply troubled by his materialist thoughts and what they meant.

    ECONOMIST: Evolution

  • Mr Solzhenitsyn is an old-fashioned, God-fearing romantic: anti-industrial, anti-materialist, anti-Enlightenment, and against what he sees as the deadening excesses of rationalism.

    ECONOMIST: Solzhenitsyn’s Russia

  • Our anti-materialist forebears were downing flagons of mead long before narco-cartels were lopping off the heads of police officers in Juarez and Tijuana.

    FORBES: Is the Drug War the Natural Result of Capitalism?

  • If it is, it may prove more palatable to some people than the current interpretation of the biological world as ultimately materialist and purposeless.

    ECONOMIST: Evolution

  • She gives us a new kind of feminist and materialist realism, with an emphasis on repetitive work, much of it done by the women.

    NEWYORKER: Meek's Cutoff

  • Worse still, how could the business-minded, property-owning, moneylending materialist that emerges from the documentary scraps, be the same man as the poet of the plays?

    ECONOMIST: The man and his pen

  • See Materialist Analysis of the Obama Regime, Part I.

    FORBES: Extradite Andrew Wakefield To Face Fraud Charges In The UK

  • Last Fall, Thomas Nagel, the respected philosopher who teaches at NYU, published Mind and Cosmos, with the provocative subtitle, Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False.

    FORBES: The Darwinist 'Mob' That Wasn't

  • Set loose on a seemingly boundless field of possibility, they soon see that the transient, meaningless features of materialist living and petty competition impose their own painful constraints on achievement and satisfaction.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • For the claim that there is a distinctively Islamic view of economic life, morally superior to but no less efficient than anything offered by the decadent, materialist West, does not—with one possible exception—stand up to examination.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Islam and the west

  • First, call me a traditionalist, call me a scientific-materialist, call me whatever you want, but I wanted whoever was going to guide me out of this mess to have two very simple letters after his or her name: M and D.

    FORBES: How I Overcame Bipolar II (and Saved My Own Life)

  • Their story across both books has as many interpretations as characters: Stuart (pedestrian materialist or honest realist) is the victim (all's fair in love and war) of his best friend Oliver (pretentious parasite or inspired romantic) who steals (wins) his wife, Gillian, and goes to live with her in France.

    ECONOMIST: New novels

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