• Yet he has transformed a failed state into a modern country with a liberal economy and a strong credit rating.

    ECONOMIST: A plutocrat emerges to take on Mikheil Saakashvili

  • People were eager for a chance to register the fact that ten years of democracy, and a very liberal economy, have brought them few gains.

    ECONOMIST: A victory for rigging and a split opposition

  • Egypt's more liberal economy has sustained growth rates of around 5% for the past few years, and the standard of public services and infrastructure has greatly improved.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt

  • We can have a classically liberal economy without lots of redistribution, like Hong Kong perhaps, and we can have a classically liberal economy with lots of redistribution, like the Nordics.

    FORBES: Obama is the New Gorbachev

  • To the degree that Shinzo Abe and his policymakers find that national strength through the values of a liberal economy--such as by fostering the innovative, quick-to-market technology for which Japan is ever more famous--there will be grounds instead for admiration.

    FORBES: Through the Looking Glass

  • He says he does not seek immediate secession but wants the Belgian federal shell gradually to dissolve into the EU. He has a vision not only of Flemish emancipation but of economic liberty: Flanders should be permitted to develop a liberal economy less burdened by Walloon demands for social transfers.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • In order to generate the economic growth which generates the funds to buy the political support, you need an unregulated, classically liberal, economy humming along.

    FORBES: Obama is the New Gorbachev

  • And that simple truth is clear for all to see — the Democrats are blackmailing the American people to further harm the economy and advance the liberal agenda of dependence and surrender of national sovereignty.

    FORBES: Democrats Play Blackmail With Taxes: GOP Should Call Their Bluff

  • This may be wishful thinking, but his essential point is a good one: namely that the boom years before the great recession put far more wealth in the hands of highly educated professionals than in earlier times, and that this class--Ivied, cosmopolitan, sophisticated in the ways of the knowledge economy--naturally gravitates toward liberal values and politics.

    FORBES: Medialand

  • The President understands that the U.S. must take a forceful lead in combating Islamic fanaticism, and his economic policies will make our economy far stronger than those of the liberal Massachusetts senator.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Stolypin was a liberal in the old sense of wanting to liberalize the economy.

    FORBES: How Russia Went Down A Dead End

  • He has the makings of a competent economic team, thanks to an election alliance with the small Liberal party, led by Stefanos Manos, a former economy minister.

    ECONOMIST: Greece

  • The Chinese leadership is aware that the two most recent five-yearly congresses, each liberal in its way, released a surge of animal spirits across the economy that had painful consequences when reined in.

    ECONOMIST: Out of the shadow of Deng

  • The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the newly installed Minister of Finance and Economy, Mr. Yosano, has been fairly consistent in wanting to retain the insurance structure of the pension scheme, but has been willing to tap consumption tax revenues to fill part of the funding gap.

    FORBES: Work Begins on Reforming the National Pension (2)

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