• In what has been denounced as unacceptable political legerdemain by Paris, each of them gains the right to vote after just three years' residency.


  • Were it not for this bit of accounting legerdemain, the true Debt to GDP ratio would show up as a ratio of 119 percent.

    FORBES: Life On Cyprus After The Bailout

  • This legerdemain reflects especially badly on the slick Mr Kitao.

    ECONOMIST: Is Softbank��s Internet empire as strong as it looks?

  • The government can fill the hole by shifting general fund dollars into the system, but this bit of legerdemain is not going to boost confidence in the retirement program.

    FORBES: Payroll Tax-Cut Deal: Borrowed Money, Borrowed Time

  • As competition hots up in the liberalizing world of Asian banking, the leading players are finding that tried and tested ways are just as important in staying ahead as the latest high tech and financial legerdemain.

    CNN: The Asiaweek Financial 500

  • In the face of strong opposition to such an action on the part of leading legislators, it appears that the Administration has decided to do it piecemeal and through budgetary legerdemain, rather than formally and overtly.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • When ledger legerdemain is rampant, we learn, everybody seems to win: The apparently golden financial results push up the stock, allowing company executives to cash in sweet options grants and the accountants to retain a high-paying client.

    FORBES: Killers With Green Eyeshades

  • Such legerdemain is no longer possible.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt

  • Lefties like Paul Krugman and William Greider think that all 2003 to 2007 growth came from leverage legerdemain, but that's only because the Krugman crowd thinks supply side economics is phony, that real growth is impossible to achieve during Republican administrations, etc.

    FORBES: Investing In The Great Reset

  • What is needed is an environment where rewards come from hard work rather than financial legerdemain, where those who want jobs can find them, where people feel secure about the jobs they have, and where the small businesses that employ more than 70% of the workforce can access the credit needed to grow and expand.

    FORBES: Too Big To Fail Banks Get Bigger, American Dream Turns Nightmare

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