• Beyond lay open country.

    NEWYORKER: The Insufferable Gaucho

  • But, by cutting off money, the Democrats lay themselves open to the charge that they are damaging the morale and perhaps even the capabilities of troops in the field.

    ECONOMIST: George Bush and Congress

  • If the burial site in Tokyo contains the remains of foreigners and he does not seek to make amends, he will lay himself open to accusations of double standards.

    ECONOMIST: Digging up Japan's past: Deafening silence | The

  • He can either cave in to Democratic demands for a short trial, or he can go ahead without Democratic support—and so lay himself open to the charge of rank partisanship.

    ECONOMIST: Tom Daschle’s hidden weapon

  • Yet, not only do Kosovo's politicians reject outright any idea of a compromise, but there is also no reason to assume that any post-Milosevic government in Yugoslavia would be more pliant on this question—especially as it could not afford to lay itself open to charges of treason.

    ECONOMIST: Kosovo

  • Now that Lay's no longer a felon, maybe the University of Missouri at Columbia will be able to fill its open Kenneth Lay Chair in International Economics.

    FORBES: Lay Cheats Justice

  • Oknov lay with his eyes open, and frightening thoughts knocked inside his increasingly wooden head.

    NEWYORKER: So It Is in Life

  • The idea, I suppose, is that ABC Corp. would close its plant in Shanghai, lay off 200 Chinese, open a new plant in Sheboygan, bring in 50 Americans (since U.S. workers are more productive) and, for its trouble, get a two-year payroll tax holiday for those new hires.

    FORBES: How Not To Create New Jobs

  • That's how we'll open the doors of opportunity and lay a new foundation for our economic growth -- by investing in our citizens.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama on New Training for New Job Creation

  • Tolerance is a way to disarm fear, to open the world for better change and to lay the foundations for lasting peace.


  • She went to the back, where the servants lay under blankets in the courtyard, and slipped through an open door, through the filthy kitchen, which smelled of garlic and curry, and into the heavily carpeted dining room.

    NEWYORKER: In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

  • But what government can do is lay the foundation for small businesses to expand and to thrive, for entrepreneurs to open up shop and test out new products, for workers to get the training that they need, and for families to achieve some measure of economic security.

    WHITEHOUSE: Creating a Green Impact Zone

  • Fears about this radicalising effect of partisan primaries lay behind the victory on the same day of a ballot measure, Proposition 14, to change to open primaries.

    ECONOMIST: California votes: Money screams | The

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