• Of course I'm paying my internal marketing manager to keep the event site updated and current, too.


  • This follows months of work rallying internal marketing employees and getting them on board with the brand transformation, Hutchison said, a critical component.

    FORBES: Polycom Unveils New Logo: Does It Hit The Mark?

  • To win approval of their merger, Travelers and Citicorp had to promise regulators that customers could delete their names from the firm's internal marketing lists, and that Travelers would not share insurance customers' medical information with the bank.

    ECONOMIST: The trials of megabanks

  • Yes, there are internal organizational boundaries among marketing, product, customer, and sales teams.

    FORBES: How To Get More Out of Your Creative Leadership

  • This means that all media team employees are required to complete customer service training to ensure they are well-prepared to handle anything a customer throws at them, internal departments such as marketing, legal and investor relations are expected to closely collaborate and most importantly, all employees are given the opportunity to contribute content.

    FORBES: Why Social Engagement Is Critical To Business Success

  • Crestron sells its products through a small army of 15, 000 independent partners and dealers—tiny home-theater vendors to major home builders— backed by an internal sales, customer-support and marketing staff in 57 offices spanning 45 countries.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Since 1997 Harley-Davidson has been steeped in an internal makeover that has little to do with marketing.

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  • Jon Iwata, senior vice president of marketing and communications at IBM, says top marketing executives need to manage both internal and external communications.

    FORBES: CMO Summit

  • The socially enabled enterprise—in which social extends beyond marketing and is integrated into multiple internal and external touch points in the corporate infrastructure—is beginning to materialize.

    FORBES: Positioning The Enterprise For The Big Social Win

  • Whether the Easter Egg is a hack, a marketing stunt, or a prank by internal developers remains unclear.

    FORBES: Newsweek Reports The Zombie Invasion

  • Robison also has responsibility for worldwide corporate marketing activities, including brand strategy, internal and external communications, digital strategy and hp.com, environmental sustainability, social innovation and customer intelligence.

    FORBES: HP's Chief Strategy & Technical Officer Suddenly Steps Down or Was He Fired?

  • In order to comply with requirements imposed by the IRS, I must inform you that any U.S. federal tax advice contained in this blog is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (i) avoiding penalties under the Internal Revenue Code or (ii) promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter that is contained in this blog.

    FORBES: Ask the taxgirl: Getting Married When a Tax Liability Exists

  • Major meetings will occur in the company which brings together scientists (both internal and external), clinical disease experts and the marketing team assigned to the program.

    FORBES: Why Was Bapi Moved Into Phase 3 Clinical Trials?

  • Fixing Sales and Marketing begins with dropping the classic definitions of what Sales and Marketing are suppose to do along with the internal tug-of-war associated the zero-sum game mentality.

    FORBES: Tipping Business (and the Economy) in the Right Direction

  • We can do this in obscurity as part of an ongoing internal challenge, not as an external piece of firm marketing, emblazoned across the marquee for all to see.

    FORBES: The Silly Season of Forecasts

  • The content can then be pulled in to internal systems to support product development, customer support, or marketing.

    FORBES: Get Satisfaction Nabs $10 Million For Customer Service

  • What if companies jumped into game dynamics, not for an external marketing program but as a means to motivate their internal workforce towards sustainability goals?

    FORBES: Gaming for Corporate Social Good

  • Now the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has an even bigger problem: the marketing of push-the-edge and over-the-edge shelters to the masses.

    FORBES: U.S. tax rackets

  • Retailers have internal teams tasked with predicting sales based on manufacturer advertising and co-marketing efforts, and these teams usually get within 20 percent of actual sales.

    FORBES: Advertising Means Nothing If You Don't Have Predictability

  • Ongoing, the normal marketing dollars we spend are not something we would remove from our internal calculation of ACSOI.

    FORBES: Groupon Plans To Cut Marketing Spend

  • In his last internal letters, Bin Laden complained that his Western arch-competitors were winning the marketing battle for hearts and minds in the Arab Street.

    FORBES: Bin Laden Wanted to Rebrand Al Qaida to Improve Image

  • Using Seesmic CRM, Liza generated an email to a contact, shared a question from the contact with an internal Chatter group, and responded to the contact along with a reference to some marketing activities all from her phone.

    FORBES: How to Start Your Own "Arab Spring"

  • By creating triggers through both monetary and non-monetary incentives among customers, employees, partners, suppliers and other interested parties, organizations can secure sustainable engagement and drive business outcomes such as improved marketing response from external communities, sustained long-term customer loyalty, increased collaboration among internal teams, or enriched onboarding, delivering success with new hires, partners, and customers.

    FORBES: Research Summary: Demystifying Enterprise Gamification For Business

  • The largest consumer product companies have seen their chief marketing officers engage with software as a service (SaaS) providers to design and run their outbound marketing programs to launch new products and animate their loyalty programs, without a word with their internal IT organizations.

    FORBES: Why The CIO Must Be The Chief Innovation Officer

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