• There will be institutionalised power-sharing, formal links with the Irish Republic and wide-ranging reform of the police.

    ECONOMIST: Down to the wire

  • Institutionalised welfare provision was reserved not for the neediest cases, but for workers in the most productive industries.

    ECONOMIST: Asian welfare states

  • At what point, for instance, does it decide that institutionalised corruption has gone too far in Edward Shevardnadze's Georgia?

    ECONOMIST: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

  • The real problem, however, is not trade barriers to Russia's goods, but the country's own inefficiency, institutionalised corruption and stifled competition.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and world trade

  • Additionally, many neo-literates (i.e. primary school graduates) have relapsed into illiteracy due to a severe lack of institutionalised post-primary educational programmes.

    UNESCO: Ganokendra Model of Community Learning Centres

  • The cases—in which 16 officers have been charged so far—are shocking for their brutality and their strong whiff of institutionalised racism.

    ECONOMIST: Police charges in New Orleans

  • The Islamic Republic is enfeebled by corruption, inefficiency and the institutionalised disdain of those in authority for the people they rule.


  • But Paul Koontz, of Foundation Capital, worries that a business whose strength and flexibility are largely based on personal relationships is now becoming institutionalised.

    ECONOMIST: Money to burn

  • Rather they promoted and institutionalised sleaze in the body politic.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • Freedom of speech should be institutionalised, not considered a luxury.

    ECONOMIST: Iran’s reformers vault to victory

  • Amid daily boasts of captures, deaths and brilliant punitive operations, Iranian officials never admit the role of chronic unemployment and poverty, not to mention Iran's institutionalised distrust of minorities, in stoking the unrest.

    ECONOMIST: Iran (2)

  • On August 12th, Italia Futura, a civil-society association launched a year ago by Luca di Montezemolo, a former boss of Fiat, published a note criticising the institutionalised conflict and mudslinging of Italian politics.

    ECONOMIST: A lively August for Italy’s politicians

  • He argues with impressive detail that the repression by the Nationalists was largely planned and institutionalised, whereas the Republicans' violence was more spontaneous and mainly in defence against the better armed and trained Francoist forces.

    ECONOMIST: A dark time in history finally comes to light

  • Apart from the evident fact that Cho Seung-hui should have been institutionalised long before he committed his crimes, not one of your suggested changes to America's gun laws would have prevented him from obtaining high-capacity, semi-automatic handguns.


  • He was a highly successful mayor of New York, precisely because he grabbed hold of a monument to liberalism-gone-wild—with a bloated bureaucracy, an institutionalised underclass and a soaring crime rate—and reformed it by applying solidly conservative principles.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • There will be a euro-zone summit in March, but it will not for the time being be institutionalised, unlike the euro group of 17 finance ministers who meet (and pre-cook most decisions) a day before Ecofin gatherings of 27.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • Corruption is now institutionalised, say watchdogs.

    ECONOMIST: The worst performer in central Europe

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