• Arriving within five minutes results in the loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play.

    BBC: Playing golf around the world

  • It is too late for tennis to do the same, but it could initiate rule changes that would extend the time the ball is in play and reward strategy and stroke play over raw power.

    ECONOMIST: Anyone for zzzz tennis?

  • The teenager then claimed six amateur titles including the Irish Amateur Open Stroke Play title in 2002 before turning professional at 19 in the same year.


  • He died a tragic figure in 1953, having a stroke in Los Angeles as he prepared for a trip to play in the U.S. Pro Championships despite his 60 years of age.

    CNN: Federer closes on Tilden's U.S. Open record

  • The format, 72 holes of stroke play, will be the same as in regular professional events.

    WSJ: Fairway to Rio: Golf Comes to the Olympic Games

  • "Michael Vaughan is a class act and will be remembered by Yorkshire members and supporters around the world for his beautiful stroke play and, of course, his success in leading England to Ashes glory in 2005, " said the county's chief executive Stewart Regan .

    BBC: Ashes hero Vaughan calls it quits

  • The world number two has played in every Open since 1993, missing out on a play-off by a stroke five years ago.

    BBC: Mickelson to miss Scottish Open

  • Joint leader with England's Nick Dougherty and Spaniard Garrido with a round to play, the 2008 Challenge Tour graduate did not drop a stroke in shooting a four- under-par 67.

    CNN: Unknown Dane Huldahl secures Wales Open

  • You can activate the Shot Guide in the top right of the screen which gives you a hint about which stroke you should play.

    BBC: Last Man Standing

  • The world number three has finished in the top three in three of the last four majors, including missing the play-off by one stroke last year.

    BBC: The Open 2010: Oosthuizen maintains lead in Open

  • With the stroke of a pen, Wright became the first person with MS to play in the NBA. The Mavericks did not re-sign Wright when the 10-day contract expired.

    CNN: First NBA player with MS takes the court

  • That gave Arsenal total freedom to stroke the ball around but surprisingly they unwisely tried to play through the massed ranks in the middle.

    BBC: Adebayor proved too much for Fulham to handle

  • The ashes of Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome after a stroke, are to be scattered at a rugby ground where he used to play.

    BBC: England

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