• Schmidt says new CEO Larry Page is a genius, and in particular a product genius.

    FORBES: Connect

  • They helped Somali groups who felt excluded by the Cairo agreement, in particular a faction of the powerful Darod clan.

    ECONOMIST: Somalia

  • Now what do we know about the Masters of Downloading, in particular a group within them that might have come from Britain?


  • Of course, Mr Major suffered from some unique problems, in particular a tiny Parliamentary majority and the Tories' deep divisions over Europe.

    ECONOMIST: Could he lose?

  • Democracy's critics however for instance, in even-larger China can seldom resist dwelling on the system's flaws, in particular a tendency for democracies to duck hard decisions, especially at election time.

    ECONOMIST: India

  • Friends of Mr. Heywood in interviews have also questioned portions of the prosecution's account, in particular a claim that he threatened the son of Ms. Gu and Mr. Bo.

    WSJ: China Forensic Expert Joins Gu Trial Skeptics

  • Even in an age of growing mass customization, producing a device, and in particular a device that needs to look designed, with no rough edges, has unavoidable startup and machining costs.

    FORBES: Kickstarting Over - Good Night Lamp's Kick-Smart Response

  • But he talks warmly about the inspiring teachers - in particular a science teacher, Mr Brookes, who first encouraged him in his comedy by letting him use a reel-to-reel recorder to rehearse funny voices.

    BBC: Lenny Henry's long road to a PhD

  • Pretrial hearings indicate the trial is likely to raise issues of free speech and to usher jurors down unsettling corridors of the Internet, in particular a website known as Darkfetishnet.com that the defense team doesn't dispute Mr. Valle frequented.

    WSJ: Cannibal-Plot Trial of Cop Tests 'Fantasy Defense'

  • "Dirk will train with the Australian World Cup squad and be fit, available and acclimatised in the event of an injury to a fast bowler, in particular a new-ball fast bowler, in the final stages of this tournament, " added Hilditch.

    BBC: Cricket World Cup: Michael Hussey to replace Bollinger

  • As Mr Hazare went on hunger strike in April 2011 to demand stringent anti-corruption laws, in particular a law to create an ombudsman to deal with allegations of corruption, Mr Kejriwal was by his side, making speeches, briefing reporters and formulating strategy.

    BBC: Arvind Kejriwal

  • But I do realize that I have witnessed up close some type of greatness, a man in a particular spot in a particular time doing something better than anyone else, better than any of the hundreds of incredibly talented people out there who are doing the same thing.

    FORBES: Nick Saban Is The Best College Football Coach Of All Time, Something We Should Appreciate

  • Mr. BRYAN CULLEN (Scientist, Duke University): There have been a number of experiments done in rodents, in particular in a mice, that have successfully shown that RNA interference does work at the whole organism level.

    NPR: Researchers Try Fighting Heart Disease Gene by Gene

  • It seeks to place indigenous-language media in Africa in a particular historical context with a view to highlighting their role in enhancing the participation of Africans in the political process in their local environs.


  • This is not so much a tale of Aubrey in particular but a metaphor for the preservation and perpetuation of our systems of corporate governance in particular and the integrity of our financial markets in general.

    FORBES: Aubrey McClendon And The Wing Clipping Ceremony

  • It will be easy to take issue with a particular change in a particular program.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks on the Defense Strategic Review

  • In her thirties, Leslie was given responsibility for a client in a particular area of business in which a few huge cases were being litigated.

    FORBES: Women Lawyers: Impressive Successes and Babies at 50

  • Whoever is in a minority in a particular neighborhood Sunni or Shia has been driven away or killed.

    NPR: Iraq's Sectarian Violence Forces Displacement, Fear

  • In particular, just because your portfolio has been moving in a particular way with SPY before a market crisis, does not mean it continue to do so.

    FORBES: Six Simple Steps to Protecting Your Portfolio With Put Options

  • Indeed, all this proposal really does is fix the price of a particular commodity quoted in a particular currency.

    FORBES: Connect

  • You need to show why your company is a great place to work and a great place in particular for a woman to work.

    FORBES: Double-Standards: How Etsy Upped Its Female Engineers By 500%

  • The move was in response to the PM's blaming Western speculators for his country's currency crisis -- and in particular, a remark in which he said Malaysians have a perception of a Jewish conspiracy.

    CNN: A Strained Friendship

  • They were structurally similar to cytisine in many ways, sharing the location of a nitrogen atom in a particular place on a pair of bicycle-like carbon rings.

    FORBES: Tobacco-Free

  • The reason is that once a particular type of drug is established in a particular type of cancer, it is tough for a competitor to dislodge.

    FORBES: Cancer Revolution, Or Me-Too Mess?

  • The team argues that switching the voltage applied to these electrodes in a particular way should create a pattern of polarisation in the rod which moves superluminally, just like the charge distribution in the plasma surrounding a pulsar.

    ECONOMIST: Physics

  • But every object tells a story, and jewelry in particular offers a unique insight into the personality of the wearer, often showing an unexpected trait.

    WSJ: Where True Value Lies

  • So if you had a long time, we could go through each country and whether the U.S. was good or bad in a particular decade or a particular century.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • The service includes the ability to bounce ideas off of a writer with expertise in a particular region, a customized plan including insider recommendations, and booking assistance from Jetsetter specialists.

    FORBES: New Goodies for the Jetsetters

  • The simple reason is that national identity really is made up of the shared experiences, likes and dislikes, and attitudes that bind together people who live in a particular place at a particular time.

    ECONOMIST: Britishness

  • "When the percentage of stocks in a particular area has a low percentage of stocks with "buy" signals and that percentage starts to rise, it is a good sign that the group will do well, " says Burke.

    FORBES: Gold And Copper Shine Brightly At Freeport

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