• Teachers, however, have the pleasure of helping children learn, which can be among the most rewarding feelings imaginable.

    FORBES: In praise of Legal Aid lawyers (by a white collar criminal defense practitioner)

  • Pretty soon, even robots will have the pleasure of enjoying the touch... the feel of cotton and maybe even hum that jingle to themselves, too.


  • During the Skoll Forum, I will have the pleasure of introducing three of these First Mover Fellows: a financial expert, an engineer and a corporate strategist.

    FORBES: Social Intrapreneurs: Disruptive Innovators on the Inside

  • Those you who have the pleasure of owning a copy of Nerds on Wall Street, my amusing yet allegedly informative book on modern markets, know that it features a photo collection of critters on trading floors.

    FORBES: Market Pictures PETA Doesn't Want You To See

  • The editorial hand here is very light, which is why I have the pleasure of reading intelligent conservatives like Avik Roy and Lawrence Hunter while also reading intelligent liberals like Rick Ungar and Erik Kain without having to leave the site.

    FORBES: What Do Writers Owe Their Audiences?

  • Over the past few years, my team and I have had the pleasure of working with social media author and expert Brian Solis on a number of infographics, including The Conversation Prism and The Twitterverse, which we have updated each year.

    FORBES: The Social Media Brandsphere [Infographic]

  • Since then I have had the pleasure of flying a wide variety of general aviation, business and WWII vintage aircraft and helicopters.

    FORBES: Flying Blind No Longer

  • Taxi drivers have always been rated informally and occasionally fired for egregious behavior, but the Uber app puts the trigger for rating your driver right next to your statement of how much you have just paid for the pleasure of their service.

    FORBES: Om Malik's Data Darwinism And The New Physics Of Information

  • "If you had a smoker compared to a nonsmoker and were able to do imaging study of the brain, the smoker would have billions more of the receptors in areas of the brain that have to do with pleasure and reward, " says Richard Hurt, an internist who heads the Mayo Clinic's Nicotine Dependence Center.

    NPR: Smoking Bans Help People Quit, Research Shows

  • Hanssen must have relished the sheer pleasure of violation and control.

    NEWYORKER: Double Lives

  • And for those who have never had the pleasure of sitting in a black barbershop and getting all of what you've heard about, this is a good way to do it.

    NPR: 'Cutting Edge': Inside Black Barbershops

  • That ending would have the virtue of symmetry, and pleasure, and closure, and relief, for the suffering audience.

    NEWYORKER: Child’s Play

  • French adolescents have for years been deprived of the simple pleasure of riding about on four wheels, and if they seem to find an excessive number of military missions for themselves, all of which involve riding down the boulevards and cheering, nobody can blame them.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'World War II Writings'

  • The French and Italians share that pleasure in the bandying about of ideas, and have taken to their heart another, now almost forgotten, English novelist.

    ECONOMIST: English novelists

  • Dionne writes this morning in the Washington Post about the boomerang effect of the GOP battle for the Midwest, pointing out that the assault on public employee unions have reignited class warfare in the Midwestern states to the great pleasure and gain of Midwestern Democrats.

    FORBES: Connect

  • If not only legislators but judges serve at the pleasure of lobbyists, the people will have ceased to be their own rulers.

    NEWYORKER: Benched

  • You can bump up the hard drive to 40GB running at a speedier 5, 400 rpm if you so desire, though you'll have to give up about two hours of battery life for the pleasure.

    ENGADGET: Toshiba updates Dynabooks with new SS S30 and SS M36

  • And this is not to diminish the excitement (pleasure?) any student of human behavior should have concerning explorations of brain-behavior relationships.

    FORBES: Neurobiology Says Diversify Your Pleasures or Risk Addiction

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