• In 1998 he hired Marc Jacobs, an American designer mainly known for his grungy collections.

    ECONOMIST: The art of marketing

  • These items were so grungy-looking it was an insult to think that they might belong to her mother.


  • As I shuffled back to my office, I saw a co-worker carrying a grungy box overflowing with her stuff.

    FORBES: How I Lost My Job, But Not My Dignity

  • So, what in particular will be the hottest item for grungy gentleman?

    FORBES: Connect

  • Summing up Rive Gauche grungy in style, it was hardly the Golden Globes yet made up for the lack of glamour by being unpredictable and thoroughly entertaining.

    FORBES: Spotlight On Bernard Henri-Lévy's Le Prix Saint-Germain, Paris

  • Lucid, sardonic, cinema-centric asides (especially one great set piece involving an aged, hearing-impaired movie technician from the silent-film era) adorn their all-night tangle of intimacy, building to a grungy, furiously self-deprecating .

    NEWYORKER: Boy Meets Girl

  • The result is a gripping portrait of Jacksonian America in all its wild variety, from its model farms to its grungy boarding-houses, from its Fourth of July parades to its filthy streets full of copulating pigs.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction 2

  • REM, a grungy trio from Athens, Georgia.

    ECONOMIST: From blue suede shoes to goody two-shoes

  • This raw and moody drama from 1994 by the husband-and-wife team of Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky (they co-wrote, she directed and edited, he photographed, in appealingly grainy black-and-white) captures a moment of grungy charm when independent art-rock scenes were new and resolutely local.

    NEWYORKER: Half-Cocked

  • Up against them is a rank of supernatural forces—played by Alan Rickman, Chris Rock, Jason Lee, and Selma Hayek—a perplexed earthling (Linda Fiorentino), and a couple of unwitting prophets, played by the grungy Jason Mewes and the bearded Smith himself, back by popular demand from his previous pictures.

    NEWYORKER: Dogma

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