• The endpoints were spontaneous food intake, energy expenditure, stress markers, appetite sensations, and profiles of appetite-related hormones.

    FORBES: Why Playing Video Games Might Make You Fat

  • We also know that smoking is a thermogenic agent, meaning that nicotine raises the rate of energy expenditure, metabolic rate.

    NPR: Study Offers New Insights into Obesity

  • It is based on indirect calorimetry, which determines energy expenditure of a person by measuring both consumed oxygen and produced carbon dioxide rates.

    FORBES: Calories–the ubiquitous term in health and fitness.

  • These additional calories, even just a few, combined with the reduced energy expenditure from the weight loss to-date puts people back on a weight gain trajectory.

    FORBES: Sustainable Weight Loss: Minding What Matters

  • Since running is a more intense type of physical activity, runners generally burn more calories and develop a higher intensity of energy expenditure over a shorter period of time.

    FORBES: Brisk Walking or Running: Both Reduce Risk for Heart Disease

  • This is because they rely on static models of weight loss rather than dynamic models that account for the way the body adjusts to reducing food intake by reducing energy expenditure.

    FORBES: New Survey: Majority Of Americans Oppose Soda Tax; Support Strongest Among The Young, The Wealthy And The Thin

  • What this is all suggests is that the human spirit in its most daring moments has actually manifested physical attenuations of energy expenditure, reducing the tally of total energy consumption by exponential multiples undreamed of a few generations ago.

    FORBES: Not Afraid of Heights? Into Renewable Power? Here's the Job For You!

  • Scientists also are far from unraveling the connections between the largely autonomous parts of the brain that regulate day-to-day energy consumption and expenditure, and the conscious brain that directs behavior such as walking across the street to get a bacon cheeseburger.

    FORBES: Health

  • Overlooking the fact that Will will be shipping in corn from the Midwest, at considerable expenditure of energy, and will, by raising demand for an agricultural staple, boost supermarket bills, New York's governor has fallen in love with the proposed ethanol plant.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Mr Kirchner, who chose to have his wife replace him rather than run for re-election himself, drastically increased spending on pensions and public works to support her candidacy, and the global spike in fuel prices caused Argentina's expenditure on energy and transport subsidies to soar.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina

  • Energy access has a cost and the initial expenditure on connections or better technologies can be high.

    UNESCO: Biodiversity Initiative

  • Inflation, as measured by the core personal-consumption-expenditure deflator (excluding food and energy) fell to 0.7% at an annual rate in the third quarter, its lowest since 1962.

    ECONOMIST: Overview

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