• They are also helping her negotiate a better lease in the down-and-out commercial real estate market.

    CNN: Air Force vet turns to dogs for cash

  • Orix bought the down-and-out Kobe baseball team and named it the Orix Blue Wave.


  • For example, down-and-out Providian had a charge-off rate of 12.7% in the fourth quarter of 2001.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Nichiei, a highly profitable lender to small businesses, wasnt keen on issuing new equity in down-and-out Tokyo.

    FORBES: Where do you buy your rice cakes?

  • We also witnessed once down-and-out and now Iowa frontrunner Newt Gingrich sit for a love-fest with the Faux News Channel.

    FORBES: Picking Your TV Spots

  • Value investing, on the other hand, means buying companies when they're down-and-out in the belief that they will turn things around and rise in value.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Does anyone think Joe Paterno would have lasted so long at Penn State among the allegations of child sex abuse if the football program was down-and-out?

    CNN: For Tiger, winning does take care of everything

  • It may have been filmed in California, but for residents, fans, and tourists, "The Office" will forever be part of the down-and-out city it helped get back up.

    NPR: 10 Things To Know For Thursday

  • Seeing the down-and-out Oher, Leigh Anne started crying, demanded that her husband turn around and pick him up, and soon enough, the Tuohy family invited Oher into their home for good.

    FORBES: Political Economy

  • Whereas most would think that universal guarantees to a minimum standard of living reduce incentives to work and innovate, Obama believes they give the down-and-out the incentive to build business and employ people.

    FORBES: We must force renewable energy

  • He told an old story about trying to locate his ex-wife Robin Givens and finding her in the company of Brad Pitt. ("I was just down-and-out after that one, " he said.) He affectionately introduced his wife, Lakiha.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Tyson's Next Challenger: Broadway

  • The group has held smaller dress giveaways in recent years to help kids from down-and-out families afford prom night, but this year's event took on new significance after the storm damaged or destroyed tens of thousands of homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

    WSJ: NYC group gives away prom dresses to Sandy victims

  • At 3-0, West Ham looked down-and-out but the Hammers showed glimpses of the brilliant comeback that was to follow, when Ba found space from Noble's corner only to see his shot expertly palmed onto the post by Boaz Myhill and eventually hacked off the line by James Morrison.

    BBC: West Brom 3-3 West Ham

  • Fordham, a four-time semi-finalist, looked down and out when the Dutch superstar raced into a three-set lead.

    BBC: SPORT | Other Sport | World Darts 2004 | Fordham stuns Barneveld

  • Romney wants to return to policies that funneled wealth upward and pushed the middle class down -- and almost out.

    CNN: Romney's way: Let middle class pay the rich's tab

  • 's face a CG makeover, added back in a couple deleted scenes, and -- most controversially -- switched out the rifles held by police officers chasing down Elliott and his bicycle buddies with walkie-talkies.


  • Once the 2014 baseball season arrives, look for ever more knock-down drag-out fights between networks and cable companies over subscription fees, the same kind that led to Fox pulling part of the 2010 World Series between the Rangers and Giants from Cablevision in New York.

    FORBES: Sports Networks Making Risky Bets On Baseball

  • She poured them out by turning the box sideways and upside-down, and she poured them out slowly, medium speed, and quickly.

    FORBES: Want To Find Out Everything You Need To Know? Here's How

  • They also want information about the people who are talking them up--or down--so they can figure out how to massage these chat-fests and send messages to potential customers.

    FORBES: Melanie Wells On Advertising And Marketing

  • The 57-year-old Silvana, reserved and understatedly elegant in her slacks, button-down shirt and ponytail, started out as a model and swimwear designer for her uncle in the 1970s, and today oversees the women's collections.

    WSJ: The Future of Armani

  • The childlike timidity and stripped-down honesty of the vocals on stand-out tracks "Shaky Science" and "CFHC" echo Sufjan Stevens and Kimya Dawson.

    NPR: Trouble Books: 'Shaky Science'

  • Ultra Nate, the dance-hit diva was down-to-earth and brilliant fun to hang out with, and I can confirm that Mara's alligator nuggets were delicious (though yes, did taste quite like chicken).

    BBC: Behind the scenes

  • The course, which includes a mile-and-a-half run up, and the same to slow down, was set out after Saturday's 1455 BST high tide.

    BBC: Speed attempt lawnmower bid preparing at Pendine sands

  • On every front, we faced down impossible odds -- and out of the ashes of conflict, America rose more prepared than ever to meet the challenges of the day, sure that there was no trial we could not overcome.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • The President is, as you've heard him say before and you've certainly heard me say before, less interested in the day-to-day score-keeping which has always counted him down and counted him out.

    WHITEHOUSE: White House Press Briefing: March 20,2009

  • The 26-year-old from Portugal looked down and out when she slipped on the turf while falling a double-break down at 4-0, and Williams wrapped up the first set in just 27 minutes.

    BBC: Serena powers into second round

  • " All leading up to the punch line: As they watch sorry Old Peg and his sad-sack horse and crumbling buggy ramble down the road and out of hearing range, Allen Gore, known for being a dead-serious man, puts his arm around his son and deadpans, "There goes your future, Albert.

    CNN: Excerpt: 'The Prince of Tennessee: The Rise of Al Gore'

  • In the second set, Clijsters gained an early break, saw off a break point in the fifth game to hold for a 4-1 lead, and she fought back from 0-40 down to serve out the match.

    CNN: Clijsters makes triumphant WTA comeback

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