• But my personal opinion is that a better way would be for companies to analyze their customer base and then work to ensure their management teams and boards of directors are representative, gender-wise, of the distribution of their customer base.

    FORBES: Getting More Women In The Boardroom - Should The U.S. Use Mandatory Quotas Like Europe?

  • Greenpeace asks companies to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions throughout the life cycle of their products: supply chain, manufacturing, distribution, customer use, and end-of-life, using a combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy policy advocacy.

    FORBES: How Green Are Your Gadgets?

  • Amazon built unparalleled warehousing, distribution and customer management economies of scale that still exert, by some estimates, a 19% price advantage over Walmart.

    FORBES: Groupon Hysteria

  • That could be something such as adding more drivers in Chicago, adding an hour in mandated break time for drivers or having a big customer change the location of its distribution center.

    FORBES: Schneider National Uses Data To Survive A Bumpy Economy

  • After all, he reasons, they have the best people, a high profit flow, the largest customer based, and the broadest channels of distribution.

    FORBES: Can Scott Cook Revive Corporate America?

  • If you are a blue-collar worker and you still have a job, you are looking over your shoulder: Not only are all those Mexicans and Indians and Chinese workers gaining on you, but changes in distribution are eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs between the factory and the customer.

    FORBES: Steel Versus Silicon

  • For the majority of manufacturers and producers, the customer is in fact the distribution network—wholesalers and retailers.

    ECONOMIST: Monetary devolution

  • The basis of competition will shift to other aspects of the business, such as customer relationships, claims processing, expense management and distribution.

    FORBES: Will Auto Insurers Survive Their Collision with Driverless Cars? (Part 6)

  • The corporate labs, offices, factories, warehouses, distribution centers, retail outlets, customer service, repairing outlets, and finance and accounting departments exist because of me, to serve and accommodate my needs and desires.

    FORBES: Who Gave You The 'Cheese?'

  • With a customer-focused business model that effectively uses the nation's airports as distribution points, net margins of 20% are feasible, estimates Horacio Zambrano, a Wedbush Morgan analyst who tracks the security industry.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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