• There has got to be a way for medicine to appeal to people without detaching itself from reality.

    FORBES: Dr. Oz And Mr. Hyde: What Medicine Should Learn From Mehmet

  • Inevitably, the present crisis has encouraged the prime minister's instinct for detaching himself from the fray of party politics.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Apple is detaching itself in some fields from using Samsung as a supplier.

    FORBES: Samsung Raises Prices To Apple: I Wonder Why?

  • Far from detaching themselves, as you might expect a guilty emigrant to do, they tend to proudly involve themselves in the day-to-day ups-and-downs of the country.

    FORBES: Do Irish Immigrants to the Bay Area Feel Guilty for Living in Such an Amazing Place?

  • However, Mr Ecevit would be unwise to suppose that detaching himself from all this will be enough to win him a decent share of the vote.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey

  • At the time, Vuk Draskovic, the best-known opposition leader, was in Montenegro, where a stand-off continues between westernisers, who dream of detaching the republic from Serbia, and politicians loyal to Belgrade.

    ECONOMIST: The bubbling Balkans

  • The cancer had not spread beyond the thyroid, and, in eighty-six minutes, we removed the fleshy, butterfly-shaped organ, carefully detaching it from the trachea and from the nerves to the vocal cords.

    NEWYORKER: Personal Best

  • While some hospital executives have commendably used a hospital chain's large size to standardize best practices, others have fallen into the age-old management trap of detaching themselves from the front lines and becoming dangerously out of touch with their own staff.

    CNN: Is your hospital hurting you?

  • The logistics involved are so numerous and prone to error -- slowing the craft from 13, 000 mph to 0 mph and then deploying, detaching and avoiding collision with the supersonic parachute for starters -- that it's a wonder the government ever signed off on the project.

    ENGADGET: NASA's Seven Minutes of Terror: Curiosity's precarious Mars landing explained (video)

  • So we opted for a sombre burial in the Greenhouse, under the shade of the tallest of the mangroves, though in truth it meant a slightly watery grave after all, stuff seeping up through the muck to swallow the foot, bubbles of mud detaching and floating among us during our tiny, foot-size ritual observances.

    NEWYORKER: Lostronaut

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