• Her characters have a demented dissociation from nature and for ever confuse the animate and the inert.

    ECONOMIST: Our round-up of recent works

  • For its first few years, Drive-By Truckers was an alt-boogie band as crude and demented as its name.

    NPR: Drive-By Truckers: New, 'Brighter' Songs

  • What else could explain the demented idea that a column about a saint makes for good business reading?

    FORBES: Lead Like Ignatius

  • Dr. KNORR: The insane and the demented and mentally retarded have to be held accountable for what they do in their life.

    NPR: Checking In on Fort Carson, Part II

  • How this has turned to a referendum on one idiot filmmaker is beyond demented, though on the opposite side of the spectrum as shocking.

    FORBES: Google's Islam-Baiting Video Censorship: A Well-Meaning Mistake

  • The big score: treating 76 million middle-aged folks who aren't demented but may welcome a way to reverse the frustrating forgetfulness that comes with age.

    FORBES: Viagra for the Brain

  • There is no place for children at an orgy of violence like the (merely R-rated) Pulp Fiction or a torture-themed demented fantasy like Dark Knight.

    FORBES: Hollywood's Liberal Use Of Violence Makes It The Modern Lady MacBeth

  • Then we were off, you in that swooping straw hat with its touch of forties glamour, I in that floppy thing that makes me look like a demented explorer.

    NEWYORKER: History of a Disturbance

  • Even the killing of non-believers in war is restricted, he avers, pointing to the bans on killing women, boys, the demented and hired hands such as labourers and peasants.

    ECONOMIST: Terrorism

  • In Russia as well as Serbia, this scene provided a better argument for the justice of Serbia's cause than any of the demented propaganda which had poured forth from that building.

    ECONOMIST: The roots of the Kosovo calamity

  • Using knives and axes, they cut throats, butchered children and the elderly, and raped women in a hellish night of demented violence—one of the worst in the history of the conflict in Algeria.

    ECONOMIST: The outside world wakes up to a long butchery

  • And, of course, the Google Nexus 7 by Asus, which many a child will persuade their parents is a viable and worthwhile educational expense, and is decently Christmas-present-priced in our demented culture.

    FORBES: Activision Q2: Blood In The Water Or Gold In The Hills?

  • Lest we mistakenly believe that the fire is the work of an impartial universe, one scene shows a demented arsonist pouring gasoline on the bed of a sleeping woman before setting it on fire.

    FORBES: When Postmodern Art Attacks Western Civilization

  • The first hints about cellular debris came almost a century ago, when psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer studied the brains of demented patients after death and found them clogged with strange deposits he dubbed amyloid plaques.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He is an exception to a demented rule.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Glenn Beck’s revealing visit

  • They made their discovery, just reported in the Journal of Proteome Research, by tapping into a long-term, continuing study that started in 1995 with 1, 077 non-demented and otherwise healthy people aged between 60 and 90.

    ECONOMIST: Diagnosing dementia

  • The effects of these demented policies have been exacerbated in recent years by Turkey's diversion of Syria's main water source, the Euphrates River, through the construction of dams upstream, and by two years of unrelenting drought.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: America's exceptional ally

  • The first hints about cellular debris came almost a century ago, when the psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer studied the brains of demented patients after their deaths and found them clogged with strange deposits that he named amyloid plaques.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He argues that the amount of amyloid in patient brains doesn't correlate much with dementia, and blocking tau, a second protein that accumulates in the brain cells of demented patients, as his company is doing is a much better way to go.

    FORBES: Alzheimer's Drug Showdown

  • But then, if Times readers were permitted to know just how demented Khamenei's views of the world are, they might come to the conclusion that Obama's intense desire to sit down with him, and his constant pandering to Iran's "supreme leader" are ill-advised and counterproductive.


  • Year in and year out, these anti-democratic and strategically demented but well paid former officials maintain what they euphemistically refer to as "track two, " contacts with their counterparts in the European and American ruling class to force the majority of Israelis who don't share their derangement to accept their policy dictates.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's ruling class

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