• Notre Dame is one of the selected institutions with a seat at the decision-making table.

    FORBES: Michigan State Is Already Bowled Over By The BCS

  • And that is the decision -- the size and scope of that drawdown is the only decision on the table.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Britain, so the theory goes, will have the worst of both worlds it will have to shadow the decisions of the euro-block, but will not have a place at the decision-making table.

    ECONOMIST: John Bull stays at home

  • This, of course, brought more Asia-Pacific nations to the table global economic decision-making, including China, South Korea, India, Australia and Indonesia.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Inculcating sustainability as a company culture is one thing, but negating the value these future generations of decision makers bring to the table is going to only restrict companies from becoming truly sustainable and therefore their ability to compete in the long term.

    FORBES: Does CSR Require Generic Business Skills Or An MBA In Sustainability?

  • Ambassador JOHN: I don't think it was - I'm not sure it was reversed, but the decision was pulled off the table, and I think the most optimistic way of characterizing it is that the Burmese are still considering having that C-130 come in.

    NPR: U.S. Gets Mixed Signals on Helping Myanmar

  • Unfortunately, anti-dumping provisions are extremely popular among America's lawmakers, and Mr Zoellick's courageous decision to put them on the table will not play well at home.

    ECONOMIST: The Doha round

  • And, given that the crucial legislation is stuck in the Senate, Mr Obama's decision to put any numbers on the table is a brave one.

    ECONOMIST: The Copenhagen Summit

  • For example, news reports say that he was not comfortable with Mr Paulson's decision to take public money off the table in the ultimately unsuccessful effort to save Lehman Brothers.

    ECONOMIST: Obama��s Treasury nominee

  • The centrists held the key to building a majority coalition, and they got their way on structure in Obamacare but an unfavorable Supreme Court decision would effectively take that structure off the table.

    FORBES: How Obamacare's Rejection Would Lead to Single Payer

  • In systematic decision-based negotiating, every decision is based on information disclosed right at the table.

    CNN: Jim Camp's top negotiating tips

  • "I'm not asking you to defer to them, but a lot of the time it helps if they're at the table when you're making a decision so that they have the information that you have, " he said.

    CNN: TSA chief faces critics, says new knife policy will stand

  • And that very diversity helps to create more effective policymaking and better decision-making for me, because it brings different perspectives to the table.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Holds a News Conference

  • Does that mean that since the President has already said all options are on the table, he's going to have to make that decision within a year whether or not to use military force to deal with Iran's nuclear program?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • In terms of adopting a measure, it does not take it off the table, it just -- the President is very mindful of every decision he makes, understanding what it means, what the purpose of it is, how achievable the goals behind it are, and what its cost will be.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Even if we get through the next week without panic, my gut feeling is that this decision is a bad one and the Europeans should have chosen from the other two options on the table.

    FORBES: Cyprus Depositor Tax: Genius Plan or the End of the Euro?

  • However, even with the rise of the G20 as the main global economic decision making body, with China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa all at the top table, the world appears to lack the governance architecture to achieve the conditions for this kind of enduring economic reform.

    BBC: How to catch a falling knife

  • The decision follows Saturday's goalless home draw against Hull City that has left the west London club fourth in the table -- seven points behind defending champions and league leaders Manchester United.

    CNN: Legend Scolari sacked as Chelsea manager

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