• He is talking to Calibrated Diamonds, a company based in Johannesburg, South Africa, about combining his optimisation techniques with an advanced laser-cutting system.


  • The real problem, as I have written before, it that Noda decided certainly for good reasons to de-couple the tax rise legislation from the larger and inextricably connected issue of comprehensive old age welfare system reform, and particularly sharply cutting system costs.

    FORBES: For PM Noda: A Week of Political Drama and the Challenge Ahead

  • Officials said the cutting-edge system had been designed to defend Israel from the threat of a strike from Iran.

    BBC: Israel successfully tests Arrow 3 missile interceptor

  • Unions suggest that money for the pension system should come from higher taxes or charges on those who are still working, and see cost-cutting in the pension system as an attack on their way of life.

    FORBES: Europe's Strikers Make G-20 Protesters Look Like Sissies

  • The reserve fund will be used only for reforming the system by cutting costs and trying to deal with the 46 million Americans without health insurance.

    CNN: Obama unveils budget blueprint

  • If a retailer is big enough and powerful enough, it can often dictate that new technology be used along the supply chain to work seamlessly with its own cutting-edge POS system.

    BBC: How 'point of sale' became much more than a fancy calculator

  • The reserve fund will essentially be a piggy bank to be used only for reforming the system by cutting costs and trying to deal with the 46 million Americans without health insurance.

    CNN: Obama seeks tax hike, higher Medicare payments

  • If further tax increases are off the table and they certainly will be for the next five years or more the target for PM Noda must now become real old age welfare system cost cutting.

    FORBES: For PM Noda: A Week of Political Drama and the Challenge Ahead

  • Already its proprietary system--cutting-edge when the former Salomon trader launched the company in 1981--is becoming outmoded.

    FORBES: Bloomberg For Sale?

  • The report covers all DIVERSITAS activities including its work on the interface between science and policy making, developing cross-cutting networks, the Earth System Science Partnership, etc.

    UNESCO: Social and Human Sciences

  • The latest facelift (unveiled last night with help from Grammy-award winning singer Alicia Keys) comes in the form of a cutting-edge LED lighting system, provided by Philips Color Kinetics (PCK).

    FORBES: How To Light The World's Most Famous Office Building

  • The main investigation, which also involves the FAA and Boeing, focuses on the 787's cutting-edge lithium ion battery system that powers the plane's auxiliary power unit.

    CNN: Quick fix for Dreamliner looks less likely, experts say

  • In development since 2010, the micoach Elite System is the product of extensive research, science and cutting-edge technology development by adidas to create the most advanced system for elite teams across the globe.

    ENGADGET: Adidas miCoach Elite System set to equip all MLS teams in 2013, creates world's first 'smart league'

  • Al Qaeda has changed its business model in response to the U.S. government's success in cutting it off from the banking system and the killing of al Qaeda money men like Mustafa al Yazid and Abdul Ghani.

    FORBES: Focus

  • Among the ideas that have become reality: A product that helps remotely track the safety of school buses, improvements to the internal phone system and cost-cutting measures, such as reducing the use of overnight delivery for packages.

    WSJ: My Colleague, My Paymaster

  • And in doing so, it would consider reforms of both the tax system (code for raising the consumption tax to increase revenues) and the social security system (meaning, cutting benefits and services from unsustainable levels and increasing payments by retirees and other beneficiaries).

    FORBES: Critical Moment in Japanese Politics and Society

  • Waxman and the Blue Dogs agreed last week on creating an independent panel of health-care experts to review the Medicare reimbursement system with an eye toward cutting costs.

    CNN: House health-care negotiations end night without a deal

  • If Retirement Savings Plus accounts enabled low-income Americans to build up sizeable nest-eggs outside the Social Security system, the notion of cutting Social Security benefits might become less politically explosive.

    ECONOMIST: The precarious politics of prosperity

  • The best guide to what might be happening here is the stack of stories in recent weeks about the jarring effects of new U.S. financial sanctions aimed at cutting Iran off from the world financial system.

    FORBES: Iran Sanctions: A Tale of Two Fleets

  • As a consequence, good faith efforts by well-intentioned stakeholders in getting it right when it comes to regulating Hydraulic Fracturing and mitigating its real impacts have a difficult time cutting through all the noise in the system to get to real, sensible solutions.

    FORBES: Stubbed Toe? Blame Global Warming...or Fracking

  • Palm licensed its operating system to Nokia and Handspring, cutting Microsoft Windows CE off at the knees.

    FORBES: Fat, florid, farcical

  • Instead, federal prosecutors and lawmakers have focused on cutting off online poker companies from the financial system by going after the outfits that process their financial transactions.

    FORBES: Convicted Former Online Poker Billionaire Avoids Jail

  • Hans Eichel, the finance minister, portrays all this not as an increase in taxes but as a closing of loopholes and cutting of subsidies making the tax system more efficient, you see.

    ECONOMIST: German business

  • They included removing trade barriers, encouraging export growth, privatizing state-owned industries, creating a central bank able to control interest and exchange rates without government interference, cutting wages sharply and privatizing the social security system.

    FORBES: Pinochet And The New York Times

  • That relationship moves to a new level on Sunday, when two cars from the Red Bull Cheever Racing team compete in the Indianapolis 500, armed with a cutting-edge Internet Protocol-based wireless system that gives the entire team access to a wealth of real-time information and communications during the race.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • This is not about cutting funding or making unnecessary changes to the qualifications system.

    BBC: Debate on the Qualifications Review

  • Sanctions could include cutting funds, extending the monitoring of the judicial system or blocking membership of the Schengen passport-free zone.

    ECONOMIST: Romania in trouble

  • The plan also includes innovative tactics and cutting-edge tools, like geographic information-system maps that combine cartography and database technology to help locate children who have not been reached by vaccinators.

    WSJ: Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg: Our Plan to Eradicate Polio

  • Apple is trying to take down two birds with one stone, targeting both Samsung and Google and cutting straight to the heart of the latest Android operating system.

    FORBES: Apple Sues Samsung In US Court

  • In March, the U.S. Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Foreign Trade Bank, effectively cutting it off from the U.S. financial system and urged Beijing to do the same.

    NPR: Bank Of China Cuts Off North Korea Trade Bank

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