• Even the most important continental powers, France and Great Britain, are cutting force structures.

    FORBES: Why Are American Troops Still Stationed In Europe?

  • These will result partly from cutting force structure such as Army brigades, but also from decisions by Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to reduce the number of military personnel performing so-called commercial functions.

    FORBES: Pentagon Budget Request Sticks With Obama Priorities, Ignores Deficit Law

  • Maybe the changes Kindler is making, including reorganizing the research labs, sending some top executives into retirement and cutting the sales force, will make things better.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • He and his partners went about whittling the company down by shuttering unprofitable lines such as scanners and digital kiosks and cutting the work force by some 20% to 2, 850.

    FORBES: Rebound

  • The proposed changes include cutting numbers in the force from 13, 500 to about 7, 500.

    BBC: Controversial name change for RUC

  • He notes that National had attempted to re-energize the sales force after cutting 31% of the staff in early 2009.

    FORBES: National Semi: Sell, Citi Advises

  • Expect more union trouble after the unveiling, on July 7th, of the second stage of a five-year plan, also inherited from the right, to turn France's army into a volunteer, professional force, cutting numbers by a third within four years.

    ECONOMIST: Funny weather over France

  • It cannot achieve likely targets for deficit reduction without attacking personnel costs unless it wants to leave the joint force bereft of cutting-edge weapons at a time when other countries are fielding impressive new military systems.

    FORBES: Pentagon Should Cut Bloated Head Count, Not Weapons Programs

  • Speaking to reporters at the task force ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mike Dorsey, a special agent with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service who is working directly with the JTF-CND to investigate computer crimes against DOD networks, said unauthorized attempts to access DOD systems are on the rise but that DOD does not have the resources to respond to every incident.

    CNN: Extensive security gaps persist in DOD networks

  • To find out, the propulsion research lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio the same cutting-edge lab that helped bring stealth technology and lasers to the Air Force commissioned a study.

    MSN: ��Beam me up, general!��

  • This bargaining strength helped force the cost-cutting on to the providers.

    ECONOMIST: California leads, but the rest of America is not far behind

  • Why has the president been such an immovable force when it comes to cutting spending?

    WSJ: Stephen Moore: The Education of John Boehner

  • On the earnings conference call, Chief Financial Officer Chris Liddel said the company has a ''task force'' focused on cutting costs further.

    FORBES: Earnings Alert

  • During the discussion, Irina Bokova highlighted the importance of education as a transformative force to prevent female genital mutilation and cutting, underlining the need for all to respect the human rights and human dignity of every girl and women and reminding all of the relevance in this respect of the 2001 UNESCO Universal declaration on Cultural Diversity.


  • The Pentagon has also sounded the alarm, having already begun cutting 46, 000 temporary workers and saying it will force staff to take one unpaid day off per week starting in April.

    BBC: Q&A: What are the 'sequester' budget cuts

  • "We need to reduce taxes on the labour force, both on workers and companies, by cutting spending, " he said.

    BBC: Mario Monti in Venice, 29 December 2012

  • Raising NCR's productivity to at least IBM's standards would mean either cutting about half of its 35, 000-strong work force or increasing sales by 40%.

    FORBES: Too little and probably too late

  • The first question I asked when I saw the figures was: Why is the DOE cutting money from numerous counter terrorism initiatives related to our nuclear force?

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The Department of Energy��s FY2014 Budget Request

  • Police and Crime Commissioners will be tasked with cutting crime and delivering an effective and efficient police service within their force area.

    BBC: Lord Prescott aims for Humberside police job

  • It would be hard for Democrats to force Mr Bush to pull out of Iraq, short of cutting off funds which no one is contemplating.

    ECONOMIST: America's mid-term elections

  • In the short term, the new president and Congress could force drug companies to negotiate lower prescription drug prices with Medicare, cutting into their profits.

    NPR: How Some Industries May Fare Under Obama

  • The Air Force has squandered vast sums of money over the last dozen years on cutting-edge technology projects that ended up being canceled or curtailed, due mainly to the poor judgment of political appointees outside the service.

    FORBES: How To Waste $100 Billion: Weapons That Didn't Work Out

  • Robben did force a decent save from Casillas with a low left-foot strike after cutting inside during stoppage time.

    BBC: Netherlands 0-1 Spain (aet)

  • Experts believed that tough, top-down controls would dispense with inefficiencies: Insurance companies would relentlessly cut back payments for hundreds of medical procedures, which would force hospitals, clinics and physicians to get their acts together, thereby boosting productivity and cutting costs. (Managed care's methods are close cousins to what you see in nationalized health care systems.) Because of these anticipated efficiencies, experts figured we would need fewer doctors.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Extracting some of that profit in the form of dividends would force these firms to be more circumspect in how they spend the remainder, improving capital allocation and cutting back the wasteful investment and overcapacity so prevalent in China.

    ECONOMIST: Dividends in China: Can't pay, won't pay | The

  • The force's G Division, which includes the Force Major Investigation Team and the Serious and Organised Crime Unit, will be reviewed with a view to cutting costs.

    BBC: Lancashire Police plans to cut further ?20m from budget

  • The budget cuts would force layoffs of scientists and engineers, shrink the capabilities of laboratories and universities to perform the most critical cutting-edge energy research projects, and, by cutting funds for highly leveraged loan guarantee programs, steer private sector funds away from American entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to demonstrate and deploy innovative energy technologies.

    FORBES: House GOP Budget Proposal Would Stifle Energy Innovation

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