• But the global financial crisis was constricting capital for these expensive projects, so energy companies began looking for new sources of funding.

    WSJ: China Foothold in U.S. Energy

  • They are from the family of constricting snakes, which kill their prey through asphyxiation and can grow to more than 9 ft long.

    BBC: Second boa constricts golfers

  • Coco rejected that ideal, opting to build a style based solely on herself, liberating the female body from the constricting style of the time.

    CNN: Biopic breathes new life into Coco Chanel story

  • But debate could last weeks and it was not known what amendments to the overall bill, either constricting or expanding gun rights, senators might approve.

    NPR: Senate Ready To Launch Gun Control Debate

  • The cap-and-trade mechanism is primarily a method of constricting electricity production.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Growing Cap and Trade on the tax farm

  • Constricting demand (especially when it is already weakening) and raising interest rates (especially when they are already high) simply does not work in a debt crisis.

    FORBES: It's the debt, stupid

  • Constricting bollinger bands indicate the potential for an increase in volatility that could trigger a breakout, and the proximity to the upper band suggests an overbought position.

    FORBES: Zale's Longs Are No Fans Of Record Gold Prices

  • The stage on which we women are instructed to play, fingers waggling in our faces, is often so constricting it's a wonder we can move at all.

    CNN: Opinion: Why it's ok to flirt your way to the top

  • Where the Moga felt a bit constricting and prone to causing hand cramps over long use, the Moga Pro feels as natural as a regular game console controller.


  • We need to restructure our environments like constricting our stomachs or emptying our cabinets so we are more likely to move forward on our most important priorities.

    FORBES: How to Stay Focused on the Important Things

  • The answer was implicit in the question, and with a resigned gesture Rousselot showed her the gold ring that was constricting his ring finger at that moment as never before.

    NEWYORKER: ?lvaro Rousselot��s Journey

  • By contrast, by removing excess liquidity, the central bank can cause the sudden collapse of speculative excess, and it can also hurt healthy recovery or growth by constricting the money supply.

    FORBES: Anna Schwartz, Monetary Historian, RIP

  • It does address the root problem, defaulting mortgages, and Mr Bernanke has long worried that bad debt would fuel a vicious circle of crippled lenders, constricting credit, weakening growth and more defaults.

    ECONOMIST: The financial crisis

  • And the definition of manufacturers is hardly constricting.

    ECONOMIST: America's tax policy hits a new low

  • If the opportunity created by this welcome development is now seized, President Bush and the newly elected Republican Congress have a chance to open an important new front in the war on terror by constricting undue financial life support provided by companies that are partnering with terrorist-sponsoring governments.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Opportunities for Financial War on Terrorism

  • Innocence, freedom, individualism, mobility the belief that you can leave a constricting or violent history behind and remake yourself in a new form of your choosing all are part of the American dream of moving west, first from the old country to America, then from the crowded cities of the East Coast to the open central plains and on to the Pacific.

    NEWYORKER: The Conciliator

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