• This is the least they can do to compensate for the losses of valuable forest and biodiversity that they have caused.

    FORBES: IKEA Under Fire for Clearing Ancient Russian Forest

  • Mr McCain had only one: he needed to hold almost all the states that George Bush won in 2004, and flip Pennsylvania to compensate for any losses.

    ECONOMIST: The presidency

  • Most property investors have encountered severe difficulties after failing to sell luxury houses to compensate for huge losses experienced by the tightened policies, China Daily reported Wednesday.

    FORBES: China To Keep Locks On Housing Bubble

  • The bank had spent the past several weeks in a desperate search for private capital to compensate for heavy losses in its real estate holdings, particularly in Spanish assets.

    CNN: Netherlands nationalizes SNS Reaal

  • Oregon, one of the bluest of the blue states, saw voters overwhelmingly pass an initiative that permits property owners to force government to compensate them for losses resulting from environmental or zoning rules.

    FORBES: Don't Junk Property Rights

  • Vivendi said it was claiming damages "to compensate for the losses it has suffered, and, in particular, for the loss of value in its investment in Poland caused by the behaviour of Deutsche Telekom".

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Deutsche Telekom sued by Vivendi

  • Tobias ideas -- allowing consumers to choose high-priced policies that let them sue for pain and suffering or policies that promptly compensate them for actual losses -- would give motorists better coverage at far less cost.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Essentially, he wanted Blank to compensate him for the losses he sustained.

    FORBES: Divorce Is Final, No Do-Overs Allowed

  • That would help compensate for those efficiency losses during the generation process.

    FORBES: Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Could Emerge From Traffic

  • Federal officials say they understand the frustration and are working as quickly as possible to compensate people for their losses and rebuild.

    WSJ: 3 months after Sandy, victims waiting for relief

  • The transfer of police funding to the Federal level in the next three years will demand 567 billion rubles, and subsidies to the regions, to compensate them for the losses they experience as a result of the reform, will cost another 210 billion rubles.

    FORBES: A Post-Election Rise in Russia's Spending on Healthcare and Education?

  • Some Brazilian senators attempted to strike a compromise by amending the legislation to have more of the oil revenues collected by the federal government redistributed to the oil-producing states to compensate them for their losses should a new plan be implemented to spread the oil wealth across all states.

    FORBES: Brazil: Strategic Planning For Pre-Salt

  • Per the structure of the payment plan set up in the mortgage settlement, each state government is to receive a direct portion of the money for the purpose of funding future law enforcement efforts, providing additional relief to borrowers, paying civil penalties, funding of foreclosure relief programs and to compensate the state for its losses from the crisis.

    FORBES: Gov. Scott Walker Pockets Money Intended For Wisconsin Foreclosure Victims To Make Up State Budget Shortfall

  • Cities and towns proclaim that controls are a public good, yet they don't compensate the owners for their economic losses.

    FORBES: Don't Junk Property Rights

  • Increased evaporation from the exposed sea should also mean more snowfall to compensate for the ice cap's losses (though together with rapid erosion at the margins this could increase the gradient of the ice cap, making it less stable.) But this is small consolation for another big fear: rapid thawing of the Arctic permafrost.

    ECONOMIST: The science

  • The holder of a bond rated single-B gets scarcely 3.5 percentage points of premium to compensate for what are sure to be nasty losses of principal whenever a recession hits.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In October, for example, the government announced it would issue bonds worth 235 billion rupees this fiscal year, which will compensate oil-market companies for about 43% of their losses.

    ECONOMIST: The vexing question of subsidies

  • The government says it will not compensate the pig farmers, most of whom are ethnic Chinese, for their losses, although there is a possibility that lotteries will be arranged to raise some money for them.

    ECONOMIST: A horrible end for Malaysia��s porkers

  • However, the lender would have to take certain upfront losses, like cutting the principle amount owed on the mortgage to compensate for the decline in home values.

    FORBES: Feeble New Housing Rescue Plan Not Enough

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