• "The Simpsons" pokes frequent fun at the Fox network and parent company News Corp.

    WSJ: Conan O'Brien, Professional Disparager, Promises Not to Diss his Former Bosses

  • Recently, Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of News International's parent company News Corporation, said it would begin charging for online news content.

    BBC: Closure looms for London paper

  • Read everything that tells you what it is, what it hopes to accomplish, the people it hires, what customers expect, any recent company news and its history.

    FORBES: How To Get Your Dream Job Before Graduating College

  • More than a century later, the SEC has entered its own Flatland moment, by faulting Netflix boss Reed Hastings for using Facebook to share company news.

    FORBES: The SEC Lives In Flatland If It Zaps Netflix's Facebook Update

  • News of the World's parent company News International paid out compensation to various victims, including actress Sienna Miller and publicist Max Clifford, and issued a public apology in April.

    CNN: Hacking scandal exposed secrets at Murdoch's tabloid

  • Under the proposal, which is subject to a consultation period, shares in Sky News would be distributed among existing shareholders, with Mr Murdoch's company News Corp retaining a 39.1% stake.

    BBC: Government approves BSkyB takeover

  • He was supposed to leave at the end of the month, but after TechCrunch broke the story, MySpace parent-company News Corp decided to confirm the news and move things up.

    FORBES: The Real Story Behind MySpace Co-Prez Jason Hirschhorn Quitting

  • Small businesses like mine have tried to use Facebook in all sorts of ways: attracting new customers, keeping in touch with our existing customers, spreading company news and promoting our brands.

    FORBES: Would I Invest In Facebook? No Thank You.

  • But for company news, Dow Jones is working with sentiment which it tries to measure in terms of positive, negative or neutral depending on words used and where they occur in the story.

    FORBES: Journalism, of a Sort, is Alive and Well in Financial Services

  • Related is competing to develop a 26-acre site atop rail yards on the edge of the Hudson River in New York, with media and entertainment company News Corp. as the anchor tenant in its proposal.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In other company news, 36 years after astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin strode upon the Earth's only natural satellite, Schmidt's firm has launched Google Moon: A mapping service that lets homo sapiens explore the lunar surface from their PCs.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Related is competing to develop a 26-acre site atop rail yards on the edge of the Hudson River in New York, with media and entertainment company News Corp. (nyse: NWS - news - people ) as the anchor tenant in its proposal.

    FORBES: Abu Dhabi, Goldman Buy Into Related

  • Parent company News Corp.

    CNN: Reporter on Murdoch's Sun arrested over stolen phones

  • My then husband, a detective chief superintendent, appeared on "Crimewatch" to appeal for information in the unsolved 1987 murder of private detective Daniel Morgan, whose business partner Jonathan Rees was alleged to have supplied News of the World's parent company News International with illegally obtained information.

    CNN: Hacking victim: Stress led to marriage breakdown

  • To get going: If you have a marketing-driven social media plan, that's a start. (If not, see Time's person of the year award for 2010.) Now layer in content that attracts potential candidates--company news, color commentary from employees, video of the work environment and of course job information.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Mr Grant was also asked if he thought it was appropriate for Rebekah Brooks, editor of the News of the World at the time of the alleged hacking of Milly's phone, to lead the internal investigation into hacking for the newspaper's parent company News International, where she is now chief executive.

    BBC: Calls grow for inquiry into newspaper phone-hacking

  • Mr Murdoch insisted - on being asked by another Labour MP Paul Farrelly - that the debacle at the News of the World does not undermine his competence as an executive at News Corporation, parent company of News International.

    BBC: James Murdoch 'knows nothing'

  • The second question is whether the closure of the News of the World will be seen by the media regulator, Ofcom, as making News Corporation, parent company of News International, a more or less fit-and-proper owner of British Sky Broadcasting, the UK's biggest television business (it is Ofcom's statutory duty to adjudicate on that important issue).

    BBC: Big questions for News International

  • News Corporation is the parent company of News International, which runs the Sun.

    BBC: The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh attacks journalists' arrests

  • The management and standards committee of News Corporation, the parent company of News International, confirmed it had "terminated the contract of a member of staff in relation to his previous work".

    BBC: James Murdoch evidence questioned by former executives

  • Apart from anything else, News Corporation - the parent company of News International - continues to own 39% of BSkyB and Mr Murdoch will remain on BSkyB's board as a non-executive director.

    BBC: Why James Murdoch is giving up BSkyB chair

  • Brooks, formerly chief executive of News of the World's parent company, News International, part of Murdoch's News Corp. empire, also faces a charge of perverting the course of justice.

    CNN: Trial date set for Brooks, Coulson in phone hacking case

  • As you may recall, we can trace ALL this movement back to one mammoth company, News.

    FORBES: IGN and Gamestop Merging into Uber Gaming Portal

  • The answer, or so it seems, is that their company, News Corporation, would be split into two separate companies.

    BBC: Would BSkyB be protected by News Corp break-up?

  • Company specific news like investors saw last night can push individual stocks in the sector higher and lower each day, but for investors looking for more stability iShares has created an ETF for the sector.

    FORBES: Mortgage REIT Investors Look To ETFs For Stability

  • As local became hot - and before 24 hour cable news had arrived on the scene, my local TV experiment mushroomed into a 13 station Broadcast network - and a new company Broadcast News Networks.

    FORBES: Why Startup Timelines Requires Stamina

  • If you are a stock investor, consider strategies such as placing stop-loss orders to reduce losses in a volatile market, subscribing to services that email you company specific news as it happens, and setting up loss review trigger points to review your investment.

    FORBES: The 5 Biggest Investment Myths

  • The new company will include News Corp's Asian star TV company, its 37.5% stake in Britain's BSkyB, its south American assets and its stake in US interactive TV company GemStar.

    BBC: Murdoch 'to bid for DirecTV'

  • It includes DeCode Genetics (nasdaq: DCGN - news - people), the company that made news with its plan to use the genealogy of the people of Iceland as a tool for genetic research, and Exelixis (nasdaq: EXEL - news - people), which uses model systems like fruit flies to figure out what genes do in human beings.

    FORBES: A Formula For Biotech Success

  • It was directed against News Corp's directors for overpaying when the company bought Shine Group, a UK TV production company, from News Corp's chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth.

    BBC: News Corp settles phone-hacking claim

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