• They suffer discrimination from Khmers, who associate the newcomers with centuries of Vietnamese colonisation.

    ECONOMIST: Ethnic discrimination fuels a vile trade

  • He bemoaned slavery, colonisation and subsequent exploitation, and vehemently argued that underdevelopment could be conquered in 20 years.

    ECONOMIST: René Dumont

  • Many Cornishmen wanted him for their official Poet Laureate, cocking a deliberate snub at their long-felt colonisation by Anglo-Saxons.

    ECONOMIST: Charles Causley

  • But to extrapolate from there to a full-scale colonisation plan, as so many Tamils do, reveals an enormous distrust of the government.

    ECONOMIST: Banyan

  • But this creeping colonisation will have costs in terms of independence.

    ECONOMIST: Western man’s burden

  • If colonisation assisted Western hegemony, the end of the colonial era after the second world war set the stage for the rise of China.

    ECONOMIST: China's future

  • One is colonisation by a software company such as Microsoft.

    ECONOMIST: Television and the Internet

  • She insists that no miraculous solutions, such as magical new technologies or colonisation of space, will take the place of man learning to live more harmoniously with his fellow creatures.

    ECONOMIST: Island life

  • Slovenia's concern, beside a fear of re-colonisation by neighbours after only ten years as an independent country, was the stability of its currency in the face of large capital inflows or outflows.

    ECONOMIST: Grab and smash

  • His multicultural vision of Bolivia is gentler than that of Felipe Quispe, an Aymara Indian leader from the high plain around La Paz, who wants to restore the paradise that prevailed before colonisation.

    ECONOMIST: Fragile states in the Andes (2)

  • They strongly oppose the colonisation of the West Bank and admit that, in practice, Israel's treatment of its Arab citizens has fallen far short of the standard that should be demanded of a liberal democracy.

    ECONOMIST: Israel

  • He argues that in signing those accords Yasser Arafat put the principles of recognition and a possible two-state solution ahead of the need to stop the process of Israeli colonisation which was shredding one of those two states to ribbons.

    ECONOMIST: A sad and beautiful account of a much changed landscape

  • In this early phase Qutb, a Muslim who had come under the spell of Sufism, subscribed to the essentially secular nationalism of the day, the focus of which was opposition to British rule in Egypt and to Zionist colonisation in Palestine.

    ECONOMIST: The father of Islamic fundamentalism

  • You have to scrape a bit to reveal some older prejudices: the British conviction that the Japanese are capable of unusual cruelty and the Japanese conviction that the British are intolerably self-righteous about their own history of conquest and colonisation in Asia.

    ECONOMIST: Don’t mention the war

  • These two poles of experience—roughly speaking, Russian acclimatisation and Germanic colonisation—anchor Joseph Horowitz's masterful study of how the Russian revolution, the rise of European fascism and the second world war all transformed the American performing arts by sending an unprecedented wave of immigrants and refugees from Eastern Europe.

    ECONOMIST: America's performing arts

  • Taiwan's economic miracle was helped by the mass of money that the fleeing Nationalists brought with them, by the infrastructure already in place in the island after a half-century of Japanese colonisation, by an American presence underwriting Taiwan's defence, and by ready markets in both Japan and the United States.

    ECONOMIST: Can China change?

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