• He tested his chastity by sleeping naked with young women, a practice that might provoke lawsuits today.

    ECONOMIST: Indian biography: Skin deep | The

  • He married Whitaker in 1986 and is survived by four children including Chastity Bono, whose mother is Cher.

    CNN: AllPolitics

  • The problem is, the government's vow of economic chastity has limited its thinking.


  • Their number is growing so fast that some reformists recently suggested legalising brothels, to be called, apparently without irony, Houses of Chastity.

    ECONOMIST: And the roots of discontent

  • Well, maybe, but he broke his vow of ethical chastity, and placed the 80-year-old Buffett and Berkshire in the hot-seat of regulatory focus.

    FORBES: Berkshire's Sokol Should Have Sold Lubrizol Before Pushing Deal With Buffett

  • But desirable though chastity and constancy might be (and achievable, too, if the under-15 data are reliable) they cannot do the job alone.


  • If they violate the law of chastity and the moral standards of the church, then they are subject to the discipline of the church.

    NPR: Gay Mormons Grapple with Faith, Sexuality

  • Yet virginity and chastity especially for women, but also men remain prized virtues.

    WSJ: India Needs a Sexual Revolution

  • So, for example, men in the U.S. or Finland were not as likely as men in Korea or Turkey to care about cooking skills or chastity.

    FORBES: Sexy And You Know It: Girl, Look At The Gender Gap

  • This arrangement, now banned, had many horrendous downsides, but it produced an organic harmony between the sexual needs of individuals and the social expectations of monogamy and chastity.

    WSJ: India Needs a Sexual Revolution

  • In fact, both in their small world and in the larger swath of rural South Africa, there were few if any role models for chastity, including Daphne's mother.

    NPR: One Boy's Heroism in the Face of AIDS

  • And before he became a Catholic Bishop of Rome occuped north Africa, he prayed for deliverance from his sins, asking God to grant him chastity, only not now.

    FORBES: What Ben Bernanke Might Be Thinking

  • Some true believers advocate sending cops into bedrooms to monitor who is having what kind of sex with whom and spending tax dollars to promote chastity and marriage.

    FORBES: Democrats And Republicans Together Assault Our Liberty

  • Against the intrinsic disorder of the human libido he proposed to reinforce, like a fortress, the institutions of family and marriage and the virtues of fidelity and chastity.

    ECONOMIST: Alfonso L��pez Trujillo

  • Chastity Bono, child of performer Cher and the late entertainer and politician Sonny Bono, announced Thursday the beginning of a transition from female to a male.

    CNN: Born in male body, Jenny knew early that she was a girl

  • But, as the researchers found, that hardly induces subsequent chastity.

    ECONOMIST: Polyandry

  • She had taken a solemn vow of chastity since then, like one of her made-up childhood rituals of lying in freezing cold water, but to someone with her natural generosity it was a heartless, bitter thing.

    ECONOMIST: Charis Wilson

  • One former seminarian, who did not want to be named because he is still active in the church and not authorized to speak publicly, told CNN the vow of chastity was one of the chief reasons he dropped out of the vocation.


  • The body of the 62-year old congressman, who was killed in a skiing accident near Lake Tahoe Monday, arrived at a Palm Springs funeral home late Tuesday as mourners, including Bono's ex-wife Cher and their daughter Chastity Bono, assembled for memorial and funeral services.

    CNN: AllPolitics

  • Chastity has its challengers.

    ECONOMIST: The battle to purify American sex-lives

  • So it's no surprise to learn that the men may be posthumous portraits, made as symbols as much as truthful likenesses, or that the women, with their elaborate hairstyles, opulent jewelry and piquant profiles, are better interpreted as idealized embodiments of modesty and chastity than as accurate records of particular people.

    WSJ: The Renaissance Portrait | From Out of a Featureless Crowd | By Karen Wilkin

  • But politicians rule a realm where rhetoric trumps reality, where they imagine they can guarantee corporate purity with Chinese walls and chastity belts among analysts and bankers, forced recusals by "interested parties, " mandated "independent" board members, executive seals and signatures on all accounts, back-checks and other fake remedies imported from the world of law and politics.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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