• The tripartite lower grille comprises a blacked-out central portion flanked by large air intakes with upper and lower aero-blades, for extra awesomeness, I suppose.

    WSJ: 2013 BMW M6 Coupe Review: A Hurtling Flume Ride on Dry Land | Rumble Seat by Dan Neil

  • The ride was surreal and very sad, with people glued to portable radios and then, when we exited the underground portion of the trip from Grand Central Station, we witnessed an unobstructed view on this bright sunny day of the tremendous smoke billowing from the site of the towers.

    FORBES: A Very Personal Remembrance From 9/11

  • In the 21st century global economy, the fact that Latinos will form a larger growing portion of the American workforce makes this challenge even more central to the nation: as more Americans retire, this will be the population that retirees and the rest of America depends upon.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • We've almost become an exit-ramp economy, with a large portion of the jobs growing further and further away from the central cores.

    NPR: Commuting 'Because They Have To'

  • That portion of the Texas-Mexico border is the shortest distance from Central America.

    NPR: Arrests Along US Borders Up In Last Year

  • That could mean a serious liquidity crunch, exacerbated by the fact that a huge portion of Europe's collateral is locked up at the European Central Bank.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: The Transaction-Tax Climbdown

  • It has various restrictions on inflows, including a requirement that a portion of any money borrowed abroad be deposited for a year at the central bank, without interest.

    ECONOMIST: Time to turn off the tap?

  • Interestingly, the German central bank, the Bundesbank, on Wednesday said it is bringing back to Frankfurt a significant portion of its gold reserves that have been stored in New York City, and all of its reserves held in France.

    FORBES: P.M. Kitco Metals Roundup: Gold Slightly Down, but Up from Daily Low, on Chart Consolidation

  • And that is, is it possible for a sizeable portion of the Pashtun population in Afghanistan that may be teetering back and forth between Taliban or a central government, is it possible for them to feel that their ethnicity, their culture, their numerical position in the country is adequately represented, and can they do that within the context of a broader constitutional Afghan government.

    WHITEHOUSE: Town Hall with Students in Mumbai

  • PlayStation 3 systems, many of which were playing Move-enabled games, took up a sizable portion of the center of Sony's booth, which was located on the opposite end of the central hall in relation to Microsoft's.

    CNN: Motion, 3-D gaming right at home at CES

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