• Brooks the most prominent presence in the movie, caustically cast against type tells his victim not to worry.

    NEWYORKER: Road Kill

  • In his writing, he combined a caustically cruel eye with overflowing sentiment, often directed at the young men friends he fell in love with.

    ECONOMIST: French writers

  • Veep stars Julia Louie Dreyfus as the caustically narcissistic Vice President Selina Myer and Girls is led on- and off-camera by phenom Lena Dunham.

    FORBES: The New Girls Of Television: How Women Could Rule The Primetime Emmys

  • He caustically dismisses Italy's traditional political class as "walking dead" who need to be voted out and replaced by younger candidates untainted by claims of scandal and corruption.

    BBC: Q&A: Italian election

  • Mr. Caddell caustically recalled that a Democrat-controlled House impeached the judge for this crime by a vote of 403-3 and a Democrat-controlled Senate convicted him by a vote of 69-23.


  • The chancellor, say the Social Democrats caustically, must at least be congratulated for giving voters the chance to tell him what they think of policies that have brought post-war Germany's highest unemployment for more than six decades.

    ECONOMIST: Battling on, for Germany and for Europe | The

  • The truth is as former Secretary of State George Shultz (who, by the way, is one of five - count 'em, five - former occupants of that office who support the Bolton nomination) has caustically observed, nothing ever gets decided in Washington.


  • At the same time, Mr. Bush repeatedly and passionately expressed the hope that the United Nations will finally "mean it" when, perhaps as early as tomorrow, its Security Council enacts a resolution (as he caustically noted, its 17th) to disarm the Butcher of Baghdad.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | President Bush Wants to Liberate Iraq, But the UN Security Council Does Not

  • So the latest reversal by a prominent member of Islamic Jihad is a dramatic event even if it prompted Mr Zawahiri to ask caustically whether Egyptian jail cells now had fax machines, and whether they ran on the same electricity source as the instruments of torture.

    ECONOMIST: Public repentance

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