• These are crustaceans that survive by dragging around a cast-off mollusc shell for protection and shelter.

    ECONOMIST: Nomads at last

  • He cites American Idol cast-off Sanjaya Malakar, who comes in at No. 11 on our list, as example.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Skywire acquires cast-off VC deals and folds them into a single organization that shares marketing, accounting and legal expenses.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The hull looked like it had been patched with everything including cast-off trousers.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'Skybreaker'

  • Too many maids are paid largely in kind: table scraps, cast-off clothes and a shack at the bottom of the garden.

    ECONOMIST: South Africa

  • Even worse is the Philippines, whose naval flagship is an American cast-off.

    FORBES: It's Time To End Japan's Defense Dependence On The United States

  • The born-again Gregory brothers worked a financial miracle from cast-off drug brands.

    FORBES: Elan, King Mired In Regulatory Mud

  • The latest move by Larry Ellison, taking in Hewlett-Packard cast-off Mark Hurd, and surely nudging out co-president Charles Phillips is already proving brilliant.

    FORBES: Redundancy In Oracle's Upper Ranks

  • As recently as the 1950s a character called Frank the Frame Burner drove his horse and cart around London collecting cast-off 19th-century gilt frames to melt down.

    FORBES: Features

  • That's why Bragman, who most recently mopped up the mess of Grey's Anatomy cast-off Isaiah Washington, tries very hard to convince his clients that just because they can get press, doesn't mean they should.

    FORBES: Disgraced Celebrity Comebacks

  • So GeneSoft is recycling a cast-off antibiotic.

    FORBES: Bug Wars

  • The winners included some unexpected brands — Buick and Jeep, for instance — and the big losers included some well-respected Japanese brands, not just the cast-off American brands like Pontiac and Saturn that are headed to the junk heap.

    FORBES: The Surprise Winners (And Losers) In The Fight For A Spot In Your Driveway

  • Stefan is the son of a cast-off diplomat who is sacked from the East German foreign service for a minor misdemeanour just as the Vogel family was about to be posted to New York and escape the dreariness of East Berlin.

    ECONOMIST: New fiction

  • That signalled to the politician's followers that they should cast their run-off vote for Mr Noda, rather than the puppet candidate of Ichiro Ozawa, the party's indicted (and suspended) kingpin.

    ECONOMIST: Japan’s new leader

  • It raises the probability that Russia will get its economy moving this year or next--and with that, cast off some of the confusion and self-pity that have lately made it so difficult a partner for both America and Europe.

    ECONOMIST: Russia: Unequal abroad, punchier at home | The

  • But it will take a lot longer for the bank to show that it really has cast off its accident-prone ways.

    ECONOMIST: Finance after the crisis

  • Cast members of the off-Broadway musical "Stomp" combine percussion with dancing, so the show needs people with both talents to show up at its auditions in New York.

    NPR: Bang a Can: Auditioning for 'Stomp'

  • But why cast off such a hard-won lesson?

    FORBES: Speed Bump

  • Last year at CES, IK Multimedia unveiled its iRig Stomp as a foot switch controller for wrangling the outfit's Amplitube software for iOS. Here at NAMM though, the company has cast off the wired connection for the Bluetooth-sporting iRig BlueBoard MIDI foot pedal.


  • As I train myself to cast off words, as I learn to erase word-thoughts, I begin to feel a new world rising up around me.

    NEWYORKER: History of a Disturbance

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