• It's illegal for companies to carve up a market, collude on bids or fix pricing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That is the gist of this latest and most shameless attempt by the West to carve up Bosnia.


  • May as well carve up the roster and sell the shards to contenders.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: Sick, But Healthier Than the Sox

  • In September Iraq's political leaders agreed to post-pone until 2008 any moves to "carve up" the country into autonomous states.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In March, Allianz decided to carve up its Dresdner banking unit, after significant losses at the securities division Dresdner Kleinwort.

    FORBES: A Not-So-Grand Allianz

  • Revamped passing trajectories and over 400 new catch animations create more opportunities than ever to carve up opposing defenses through the air.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • If someone else wants a croft, carve up another bit of land.

    BBC: Possible European court challenge on crofting evictions

  • Like Mr. Pawlenty, he's no orator, but he's quick on his feet and a practiced debater who would carve up Joe Biden.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: Why Not Paul Ryan?

  • Every time a significant new media entry has come into the marketplace, what it really has done is carve up the pie differently.

    CNN: New media works alongside?old

  • Again, Barak must have been inhaling when he agreed to carve up this ancient city's sovereignty and let the U.N. run the holy sites.

    FORBES: Fact And Comment

  • The story says that Blackstone Group, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and TPG Capital would like to carve up the company and sell some of the pieces.

    FORBES: HP: Break 'Em Up?

  • Now picture all the ways to carve up the liability.

    FORBES: Passing the Trash

  • This time the threat seems real and imminent: Two satellite networks are poised to carve up radio's fiefdoms just as cable and satellite TV did to the broadcast networks.

    FORBES: Big Audio Dynamite

  • But at both the parliamentary elections held since then, the government of the day has announced a one-off exception and proceeded to carve up the country as it chose.

    ECONOMIST: Lebanon

  • For a look at how residents of other countries carve up their budgets (the differences in some cases may shock you), check out How The World Spends Its Money.

    FORBES: Why Learn When You Can Sleep?

  • One was the Croatian president, Franjo Tudjman: once they had stopped fighting one another (and reinforcing each other's nationalist fury), the Serb and Croat leaders colluded to carve up Bosnia.

    ECONOMIST: The lessons of Milosevic

  • They have also gritted their teeth and bought slots on the many small television channels that carve up tiny audiences, often into such narrow slivers that ratings cannot track them.

    ECONOMIST: As the audience gets smaller, it will also get more powerful

  • Another advantage with LLCs: Entrepreneurs can divvy up profits any way they choose, as opposed to shareholders, who have to carve up the spoils in proportion to their percentage ownership in the corporation.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Mr Mugabe described Libya as "well-developed but autocratic" but concluded that "Nato terrorists" had bombed the country back by a century in order to carve up its oil assets at a "mini-Berlin conference".

    BBC: Zimbabwe: The land of nervous laughter

  • With large-scale agriculture all but gone from New England and logging companies concentrating their attention elsewhere, Kellett's biggest fear is that real estate development could begin to carve up the vast forests of Maine.

    CNN: Developers, ranchers encroaching on many of world's forests

  • The loans-for-shares deals were not beyond reversion, should a different president have wanted to carve up the national wealth in a different way, and the Communists were making threatening noises about private property in general.

    ECONOMIST: The humbling of Chubais | The

  • The country was born out of struggle - the struggle to maintain some kind of territorial integrity at the end of World War I as the Allies decided to carve up Anatolia and walk away with it themselves.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | Turkish journey: City in transition

  • Mr Karzai tried to strengthen the central government and to reduce the power of the independent warlords who still wield real power in Afghanistan, and could yet carve up the country, as they have done in the past.

    ECONOMIST: Small change | The

  • He claimed that Golda Meir, who subsequently became prime minister of Israel, and Transjordan's King Abdullah agreed secretly, with British acquiescence, to carve up Palestine between them, depriving the Palestinian Arabs of the portion that was to be theirs under the partition plan of the United Nations.

    ECONOMIST: The unchosen people | The

  • Sadly Commissioner Kroes is repeating the classic socialist mistake of being so eager to carve up and re-distribute the last piece of pie in the tin that she forgets that someone has to have the incentive to produce and pay for the next pie, if good pie is to remain available in the future.

    FORBES: Why Europe Is Falling Behind U.S. On Broadband

  • Furthermore, the central government continues to try to undermine the provincial administrations and destabilise their security: for instance, it plans to carve up West Papua (formerly called Irian Jaya) into three parts, and recently sent the army's special forces back to the province, even though they had been implicated in the murder of a local separatist politician.

    ECONOMIST: War on the separatists

  • Entrepreneurs can divvy up the profits any way they choose, as opposed to shareholders in corporations, who have to carve them up in proportion to their percentage ownership in the company.

    FORBES: Set Up A Clothing Retailer: Legal Structure

  • And its carve-up of provincial power between the Social Democrats and the People's Party is particularly gross.

    ECONOMIST: Austria

  • The mayor there, Milorad Dodik, is that rare Bosnian specimen, a Serb who opposes an ethnic carve-up of Bosnia.

    ECONOMIST: Bosnia��s Serbs

  • Poles find the wording infuriating: the Hitler-Stalin carve-up of eastern Europe was a crime, not a mere historical backdrop.

    ECONOMIST: Whose version of history should prevail at Auschwitz?

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