• While in Japan visiting customers, I met a brilliant project leader for a Japanese engineering firm who told me about how she has eliminated project-related emails by using their project management software.

    FORBES: Say Good-Bye to Email?

  • In a recent article published by the Canadian Industrial Equipment News, they cited a study completed by ESI International, a project management learning company suggesting that although the majority of organizations value a highly collaborative work environment, less than one out of three organizations actually have a framework in place to facilitate it.

    FORBES: Does Anyone Really Take Mommy Bloggers Seriously?

  • Many organizations try to earn back their return on investment in project management enterprise software by activating every function and feature a technology has to offer or by custom developing an elaborate solution.

    FORBES: Custom Software Development: A Luxury You May Not Need

  • He could expand his business by hiring more people and embracing technologies like project management and job costing applications to manage his finances.

    FORBES: Why Does Jeff Lewis Count His Money In His Bathtub?

  • Similarly, when your manager is judging you solely on your performance of its project management tasks, everything else will fall by the wayside, too.

    FORBES: Why Robots Would Make Lousy Middle Managers

  • The event would define the important role of UNESCO in providing technical and institutional support, overall strategic management of the project, following up the deliberations reached by Ministers at this conference and facilitating receipt of extra-budgetary funds to finance MAB projects at regional level, in close cooperation with the national authorities.

    UNESCO: All Events | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • If given the choice of only being able to move one application to the cloud, most respondents would choose storage (25%), followed by enterprise resource planning applications to manage HR, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and project management systems (20%).

    FORBES: Some Pain, But Plenty to Gain, from Cloud Deployments: Survey

  • Is the American Dream of working your way up from a tiny cubicle to a luxurious corner office, being replaced by the idea of being able to work from home in your pajamas, thanks to advances in communications and project management technology?

    FORBES: CSR And The Job Hunt, More Thoughts

  • Developing a repeatable, actionable risk management plan for your entire organization is best accomplished by creating a template that can be reused in every project.

    FORBES: Seeing Is Believing: Visualization Improves Risk Management

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