• Affymetrix's SNP chips are used by gene hunters at the Broad Institute and Translational Genomics in Phoenix.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • Meanwhile, Todd Golub at MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute has found a group of five genes involved in prostate cancer progression.

    FORBES: Men, Cancer & Hope

  • Mitchell Guttman, of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and soon-to-be faculty at Caltech, discovered an entirely new type of gene.

    FORBES: 30 Under 30: The Rising Stars Transforming Science And Health

  • "That beats Moore's Law hands down, " says Eric Lander, head of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, funded by billionaire Eli Broad.

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  • Illumina machines can be tweaked to give data quickly, says Chad Nusbaum, the co-director of the Genome Sequencing and Analysis program at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass.

    FORBES: The Torrent On Ion Torrent

  • Eric S. Lander of The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard topped the list of most influential researchers for the second year straight, recording 14 Hot Papers in 2011.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Working with patient samples collected by the MMRF and using DNA sequencers made by Illumina of San Diego, researchers at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard sequenced the genes of 38 myeloma tumors and the DNA of the patients in whom they were growing.

    FORBES: A Cancer Patient's Quest Hits DNA Pay Dirt

  • Chad Nusbaum, co-director of the Genome Sequencing and Analysis Program at the Broad Institute, says that he thinks of the technology as being akin to digital photography: it was adopted because it was small and fast, but there was always the potential that it would replace film.

    FORBES: The DNA Sequencer That Could Go To Mars

  • Eric Lander , who played a pivotal role in mapping the human genome and now heads the Broad Institute, says the gift is about "really empowering a generation of young scientists to think specifically about getting to the heart of diseases" including cancer, metabolic diseases like diabetes, and infection.

    FORBES: Billionaire Broad Gives $100M To Gene Research

  • Institute, marshals exceptionally broad and long experience and sharp analytical focus to prove the case that the free market produces not only economic efficiency, but also justice.

    FORBES: The Toyota Class Action Settlement and Economic Justice in America's "Mixed" Economy

  • At its violent extreme is a network of Islamist terrorist organisations which, according to Amir Rana of the Pak Institute for Peace Studies, breaks down into three broad parts.

    ECONOMIST: Another political assassination in Pakistan

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