• State Street long ago abandoned a branch network and recently stopping lending to companies.

    ECONOMIST: American banks

  • Local debt markets are also difficult to trade without a local branch network, which adds to costs.

    ECONOMIST: Investment banking

  • It is only belatedly spending money to rejuvenate a retail branch network that for years suffered from underinvestment.

    ECONOMIST: America’s biggest banks decelerate

  • Latest buildup: a low-cost regional branch network starting in Egypt and running up the Balkans through Macedonia to Romania.

    FORBES: Athens At The Crossroads

  • Neither bank operates many branches on the other side of the border, so rationalisation of the branch network should be limited.

    ECONOMIST: Bank mergers

  • The bank already has the largest branch network in Spain, where the mortgage market was slowing even before the credit squeeze.

    ECONOMIST: A Catalan savings bank launches Spain's biggest IPO

  • One name that cropped up immediately is America's Citigroup, one of the few foreign banks with a sizeable retail branch network in Germany.

    ECONOMIST: German banking: Death of a deal | The

  • The post office's branch network is a political as well as commercial goldmine, which can deliver huge numbers of votes, especially in Japan's all-important rural constituencies.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • Yucho has recently lost some of its payments business to Japan's convenience-store chains, which together have an even more comprehensive branch network than the post office.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • The ubiquity of Bank of America's heavily staffed nationwide branch network is what enables it to retain customers despite charging high fees and offering depositors low interest.

    ECONOMIST: Bank of America

  • The tapes contained information about United States branch network customers of CitiFinancial, the company's consumer finance division, as well as customers with closed accounts from CitiFinancial Retail Services.


  • Nor does a ubiquitous branch network seem to improve profitability.

    ECONOMIST: The trials of megabanks

  • Dresdner pushes Allianz's insurance products through its branch network, while Commerzbank does the same for Italy's Generali, which owns 5% of its shares, and is one of Allianz's keenest rivals.

    ECONOMIST: German banks

  • JPMorgan, which has long coveted WaMu's deposit base and presence in California, Florida and other locations where it does not have a meaningful branch network, is getting the bank for a song.

    FORBES: Wall Street Crisis

  • Its private-sector loans have been fully provisioned, its payroll cut from 34, 000 to 22, 000, and the more ambitious bits of its branch network (such as outposts in Amsterdam and Moscow) shut down.

    ECONOMIST: Brazilian banking

  • "I see us developing community banking in the metropolitan areas, " he says, citing Houston as a place where he'd like to create a branch network that serves both a middle-class population and oil companies.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • They also gain access to a branch network and client list they could never afford to replicate, even after World Trade Organisation rules force China to open its domestic banking market fully from end-2006.

    ECONOMIST: China's banking industry

  • With a constant need to upgrade technology, advertise its brand and adjust its worldwide branch network, Citi (nyse: C - news - people ) continues to struggle with keeping expense growth below revenue growth.

    FORBES: Citi Tries To Find Its Inner Thin Person

  • The Consumer Services segment represents the company's branch network, including consumer banking products and services related to residential first mortgages, home equity lines and loans, indirect loans, consumer credit cards and other consumer loans, as well as the corresponding deposit relationships.

    FORBES: #628 Regions Financial

  • At the height of the 1980s banking crisis, BofA was calmly lending money to other troubled banks — including Continental, which quickly failed because it had no such branch network — and was able to work its problems out over time.

    FORBES: Are Consumer Bank Customers Mules -- Or Will They Move if Kicked Hard Enough?

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