• Cedric the Entertainer does soft-bellied dance steps and offers candid imitations of ordinary folks.

    NEWYORKER: The Original Kings of Comedy

  • She was wearing a sun dress and heels and was greeted by Ebbinger's deep-bellied laugh.

    FORBES: Entrepreneurs

  • There is even a vacation photo of a pot-bellied brain scientist jumping into the river.

    FORBES: Stunning News: Brain Scientists Go Whitewater Rafting Without Their iPhones

  • Compared with Mr Gingrich, he was less given to extreme remarks, less grandiose, less pot-bellied.

    ECONOMIST: Not by Helms alone

  • Several devote more than three-quarters of their defence budgets to personnel costs: maintaining armies of greying, pot-bellied dentists, cooks and clerks in khaki, rather than investing in expeditionary troops.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • One of the good things that's happened is NATO seems to have seriously bellied up to the bar as far as taking over the mission or the primary mission, eventually.

    NPR: Clashes Increase Ahead of Afghan Elections

  • Lining the steps up to a temple are scores of beggars: soldiers with legs lost to landmines, mothers with pot-bellied babies, a dwarf with misshapen limbs who could be ten or 30.

    ECONOMIST: Seeing is believing

  • In the Australian state of Victoria, concern over the threat that turbines could pose to the rare orange-bellied parrot nearly put paid to a wind farm, the Bald Hills project, in 2006.

    ECONOMIST: Wind energy and politics

  • Nevertheless, he bellied up to the microphone by himself and treated us to a brief but well-rounded survey of his expansive catalog: a selection from the Eban and Charley soundtrack, one song apiece from the albums Get Lost and Distortion, and a number originally composed for the audio book of Lemony Snicket's The Hostile Hospital.

    NPR: Stephin Merritt: Musical Polymath

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