• It says the size of any fine will be in proportion to the seriousness of the error - up to a maximum of 10% of an exam board's turnover.

    BBC: Exam boards face fines over paper errors

  • Commercial competence seems to be in inverse proportion to skills on the pitch with the British clubs leading both the Italians and the South Americans.

    ECONOMIST: Golden goals

  • Ultimately, your conversion rate will be in direct proportion to the marketing process you put in place to capture the name and contact information of these people, and the follow-up marketing you engage in to inspire repeat purchases.

    FORBES: Daily Deal Sites: Boon Or Bust For Your Business Sales?

  • In violation of basic legal principles, settlement funds are to be distributed in small portions to all who had the potential to be harmed, not in proportion to actual damages.

    FORBES: Too Big To Fail Banks Crumble Before Greedy Federal Government In Mortgage Deal

  • To help it avoid charges of suppressing the emergence of methods that may prove better than its favoured ones, the government should look to one particular principle, outlined in its education white paper of autumn 1997: that intervention in schools should be in inverse proportion to their success.

    ECONOMIST: Journey up the learning curve

  • Another advantage to LLCs is that entrepreneurs can divvy up profits any way they choose, whereas with shareholders, the spoils have to be carved up in proportion to each shareholder's percentage ownership in the corporation.

    FORBES: How To Run A Real Estate Brokerage: Legal Structure

  • Now it is true that under the Target2 rules, the liability for losses on these balances is supposed to be shared between all eurozone central banks in proportion to their respective shareholdings in the European Central Bank.

    BBC: Could the euro survive a Greek exit?

  • New rules, to be phased in from March next year, will increase the proportion of their assets to be reserved as capital, from 8% to 9%.

    ECONOMIST: Indian banks

  • The only difference would be that the cost would then be borne directly by drivers in proportion to the number of miles they drive.

    FORBES: Washington's Foolish Fuel Policy

  • Congress would specify the total budget for which it is willing to be held accountable and divide it among agencies roughly in proportion to potential lives saved or some other metric for what is regarded as a regulatory benefit.

    FORBES: How About a Budget for Regulations?

  • Her on-off wedding to Mr. Big (Chris Noth) forms a sizeable chunk of the plot, and interior designers everywhere will be thrilled to learn that the warmth of her emotions stands in direct proportion to the size of her walk-in closet.

    NEWYORKER: Sex and the City

  • "Every application has been carefully assessed to ensure that the highest possible proportion of the budget can be used to deliver projects in local communities rather than being spent on administrative costs, " Mr Sargeant added.

    BBC: Local Government Minister Carl Sargeant

  • This system should allow minorities and small political entities to be represented while at the same time rewarding larger political entities with seats in proportion to the larger number of votes received.

    CNN: Iraq's voting system designed to reward turnout

  • He added he supported a call for the police to be able to continue to question suspects for up to 24 hrs in a "small proportion of cases".

    BBC: Justice Committee 2

  • Rocked in recent years by sex-abuse scandals and crises in leadership, the Catholic Church in the Republic was found to be in steep decline in an Aug. 7 survey about the proportion of Irish people describing themselves as religious.

    FORBES: Abortion Law Decisions Coming to Catholic Ireland

  • David Green, former head of international policy for the Financial Services Authority, says the fact that dollar denominated transactions ultimately have to be settled in New York potentially gives the US authority to get a handle on a large proportion of transactions in the world.

    BBC: US rules 'clear' on Iran business

  • Historically, about half of homeowners who get a foreclosure notice are ultimately displaced from their homes, but that ratio may turn out to be higher in coming quarters because the proportion of subprime borrowers, who have weaker financial conditions than prime borrowers, is higher.

    NPR: Transcript: Bernanke on Mortgages, Foreclosures

  • However, because of national security, it said a large proportion of evidence would "have to be considered in private".

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Finucane inquiry plans criticised

  • First Impressions: The Evoque is aesthetically pleasing and well balanced in proportion just big enough not to be small, but petite enough to handle city driving conditions.

    FORBES: Car of the Week: 2012 Range Rover Evoque

  • The researchers studied male leopard frogs across a large area of the US and found a high proportion to be developing female characteristics where they swam in waters contaminated with the herbicide.

    BBC: Weedkiller 'threatens frogs'

  • It placed south Cambridgeshire seventh in terms of the proportion of its businesses considered to be high performers capable of continued growth.

    BBC: Export 'helps south Cambridgeshire companies grow'

  • Within each region, up to 11 new members of the European Parliament will be chosen by a formula that awards seats to each party roughly in proportion to its share of the vote.

    ECONOMIST: This time it matters

  • And that is thought to be already substantially higher than the proportion of Latinos in the state.

    NPR: HIV Concerns for Many Mississippi Latinos

  • As longevity continues to increase, the aim will be to maintain the proportion of people's lives spent in retirement.

    BBC: State pension age to be reviewed every five years

  • And where we used to be ranked number one, for example, in the proportion of college graduates, we now rank number 12.

    WHITEHOUSE: Discussing the Economy in Des Moines

  • Jamie Hepburn, SNP MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, said he was "dismayed" at the level of cuts which appeared to be "out of proportion" with reductions elsewhere in the company.

    BBC: Printer firm OKI to axe 175 jobs at Cumbernauld plant

  • If I were to reveal, for example, that the height of Alistair Darling's eyebrows changes in precise proportion to GDP growth six months later, it would be an economic breakthrough of cosmic proportions.

    BBC: The popcorn route to recovery

  • One option for doing so, DeCicco suggests, could be a Land Protection Fund (LPF) for purchasing international forest carbon offsets in proportion to the ILUC emissions estimated to occur as a consequence of biofuel production.

    FORBES: Rethinking Life-Cycle Fuel Regulations

  • " Even more striking, the study went on to highlight, "a high proportion of all unmarried fathers say that they want to be involved in raising their child, and the mothers say they want the father's involvement.

    WSJ: Are Dads the New Moms?

  • What proportion of those do you think would be intent on getting to Europe in the long-run?

    BBC: Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 January 2008, 12:19 GMT

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