• England were cruising, but it still took an iron will and special talent to deliberately go back and hoodwink Hamann a second time for show.

    BBC: A legendary win

  • He will view the Dead Sea Scrolls, which point to an ancient Jewish link to Israel, and he will inspect an Iron Dome battery, a missile-defense system that Israel set up with U.S. help.

    WSJ: Obama to Appeal to Israelis in Trip

  • The military committee, the country's highest security authority, has said the government will not allow al Qaeda to expand and will use an iron fist against the militants in the country's southern provinces.

    CNN: 5 soldiers, 8 militants killed in Yemen checkpoint attack

  • "We will strike back with an iron fist at anyone tempted to tamper with the security of the country or its citizens, " he said.

    BBC: Syria pledges 'iron fist' response to Damascus bombing

  • Work to rebuild a reconstruction of an Iron Age roundhouse that was destroyed in an arson attack in Surrey will start next year.

    BBC: Remains of the roundhouse after the fire

  • The aircraftmakers' confidence about the emerging world is based on what appears to be an iron law of aviation: rising numbers of urban middle-class people will mean rising demand for air travel, whatever short-term blips the economy suffers.

    ECONOMIST: Business travel

  • "Hugo Chavez ruled Venezuela with an iron hand and his passing has left a political void that we hope will be filled peacefully and through a constitutional and democratic process, grounded in the Venezuelan constitution and adhering to the Inter-American Democratic Charter, " said Sen.


  • "We will face anyone who will pose a challenge to the public and private sectors with an iron fist, " the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said.

    CNN: Egypt remains on edge during wait for election results

  • It will use engagement to curb their proliferation, but wants to have an iron fist in reserve if the North stays intransigent.


  • Award-winning Scottish theatre company Grid Iron has a new, interactive performance which will lead the audience to an "out of this world" location on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

    BBC: Leonardo's da Vinci's anatomical work

  • And enforcing that kind of discipline will take not just a strong stomach to stand up to grilling and accusations, but an iron fist.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Iron Mountain uses DocuSign, an industry pioneer and now one of the established leaders in the business who will be a formidable competitor to Adobe.

    FORBES: Thank You Adobe. My Bank Account Will Soon Be Grateful.

  • Of course, that will change faster than you could say "Iron Man 3, " but it's an impressive performance nonetheless.

    CNN: Box office report: 'Hansel and Gretel' wins with $19M

  • It's an iron law that if everything goes wrong for the Yankees, someone like 26-year-old Melky Mesa will come up and hit .400 for a few weeks.

    WSJ: How to Enjoy Lousy Baseball

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