• Not according to a new econometric study that concludes no more than 20% of existing coal generation is likely to switch over to gas, even if the Environmental Protection Agency drives up the cost of coal generation and gas prices stay at their current, low rates indefinitely.

    FORBES: Frack Gas Not Likely To Displace King Coal, Study Suggests

  • But when an Agency comes for funding the cost of the spectrum that it controls will also have to be funded.

    FORBES: How To Solve The Spectrum Shortage: Sell It

  • Determining whether the agency is going to be cost conscious enough.

    FORBES: 10 Critical Decisions When Hiring An Agency

  • By law, CMS is prohibited from doing cost-effectiveness analysis, but as The Legal Pulse has previously noted, the ethic of factoring cost into coverage decisions permeates the agency to the point where its employees have conducted their own, independent research on the cost of certain drugs.

    FORBES: Obama's New Medicare Head: A Fan of Health Care Rationing?

  • Escaping from a mess is never easy, as the government has found to its cost with the Child Support Agency.

    ECONOMIST: Asylum

  • These types of contracting vehicles are characterized by task orders with short vendor response times and minimal administrative cost to the end user agency.

    FORBES: Federal Austerity Drives Shift to BPAs and Cloud

  • But the decision not to pursue enforcement actions against compounders, unless there was a safety issue, signaled White House concern about publicity over cost, since a federal agency had effectively allowed a monopoly to develop.

    FORBES: KV Pharma Finally Wins A Victory, For Now

  • In that climate of uncertainty the U.S. Agency for International Development opted for a cost-plus, fixed-fee deal--a contract often used by governments to exert some control over costs and give the contractor incentive to engage in open-ended work.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Prabhat Dayal, the chief of the Rajasthan Energy Development Agency, is optimistic about bringing down the cost of solar-generated electricity.

    ECONOMIST: The sunny side of India

  • Earlier this summer an anonymous air-traffic controller filing a report to Chirp, the industry's confidential whistle-blowing agency, claimed that pilots of low-cost airlines were cutting corners to achieve flight timetables.

    ECONOMIST: The price of flying on a low-cost airline

  • The return should reflect such risk factors as the project's technical complexity, the agency's management capacity, the likelihood of cost overruns, and the consequences of under- or non-performance.


  • In some places, says Phil Rothwell of the Environment Agency (which manages the defences), the walls cost more to maintain than the value of the land they protect.

    ECONOMIST: Letting the waves rule Britannia

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