• The new bank will have to deal with UFJ's abominable collection of bad debtors.

    ECONOMIST: Swallow hard

  • Her eyes, like snakes, penetrated my thoughts and fed them her abominable vision, the visions of a lower animal.

    NEWYORKER: The Slows

  • By May 2001, he was high up in the Himalayas in hot pursuit of the Yeti--otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • To really make this strategy fly, we should revise our abominable tax code in a way that is less destructive to the economy.

    FORBES: Spending Is Choking Us And Tax Cuts Are No Heimlich Maneuver

  • Those with no influence are left to languish in the country's abominable prison system for as long as three years before their case comes to trial.

    ECONOMIST: Mob law

  • He brings out well the paradox of Eichmann's genuine interest in Jewish history and culture (he greeted his captors with a Hebrew prayer), and the abominable crimes he committed.

    ECONOMIST: Adolf Eichmann

  • There are those who may disagree with this conclusion who feel that as abominable as the actions of Flores were, he did not deserve a death sentence delivered through vigilante justice.

    FORBES: Was A Texas Fatal Beating Homicide Or A Reasonable Response To Daughter's Assault?

  • Until May 13th, anger and frustration over the lack of reforms, jobs and freedom of expression were kept in check by the knowledge of Uzbekistan's abominable human-rights abuses and the existence of 6, 000 religious and political prisoners.

    ECONOMIST: Uzbekistan

  • The quality of life there is abominable.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • They haven't really explained to themselves, let alone to others, why and how their soldiers behaved in such abominable ways during the war with China and, as a result, the Japanese have not really come to terms with that past.

    NPR: Controversy Over Shrine Visit Ripples Across Pacific

  • UFJ's abominable collection of bad debtors.

    ECONOMIST: Will a mega-merger mark the end of Japan's banking crisis?

  • With Kevin Costner as New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, Sissy Spacek as his wife, Gary Oldman as Oswald, and an all-star cast of witnesses and conspirators: Tommy Lee Jones, Joe Pesci (an abominable performance), Donald Sutherland, Kevin Bacon, Jack Lemmon, Ed Asner, John Candy, Walter Matthau.


  • He also believes that good actions can redeem bad ones: for example, he defends General Czeslaw Kiszczak, the chief of security at the time of martial law (and responsible for abominable repressions) because as interior minister a few years later he allowed the Round Table talks to give Polish communism a bloodless burial.

    ECONOMIST: Poland's modern history

  • Ominously, as he might also have noted, in those places where shariah is most completely applied (think Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia), one finds the most abominable abuses of human rights anywhere in the world (including amputation, flogging, stoning, and the death penalty for apostasy-which is hardly "irrelevant" if you're Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who today faces hanging for leaving Islam).

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Answering a critic of 'Shariah: The Threat to America'

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